Mum died because of nhs medical negligence 💔💔💔

My mum passed away in February due to the hospitals medical negligence. She was 55 years old, and had a daughter (me) and 2 younger sons. I found out that the hospital had hidden the fact my mum had a cancerous lung nodule on her lung for 2 years. They didn’t tell my mum. Didn’t check up on her and didn’t send any letters to her in 2 whole years despite having this information from scans and consultants corresponding with each other but not my mum or her family back in 2019/20 we have only just found out.

My mum became ill in 2021 and we all thought it was because of work, to our shock the hospital told my mum she had stage 4 cancer which was not curable and she would therefore die :broken_heart:. The hospital confirmed that a radiologist also had put incorrect results twice 2 years ago saying the cancer lump hadn’t increased when it in fact it had massively. They also didn’t refer my mum to the lung department despite them knowing my mum had something on her lung, that something being cancer.

My mum was left with no options by the time we found out. She couldn’t have any treatment because it was not curable at that time but would have been back in 2019/20 when the hospital first knew if they had told my mum. My mum and family knew none of this. The hospital basically left my mum for two years and let cancer manifest inside her for that whole time not even telling her or checking on her. I can’t handle that they get to go to work everyday fine and live their lives yet my mum is 6ft under the ground and we visit a grave. The nhs don’t seem to care and a medical negligence claim although we are pursuing won’t bring back my mum or do anything against those consultants.

Everyday is a blur without mum she was my best friend. The nhs have completely robbed my mum of her life and our families world has been turned upside down. Remember when you are clapping for the nhs and letting them go first in the queue at supermarkets, not all nhs are good people some are in fact killers who don’t know how to do their job properly and have no remorse for that. They are not the ones that have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

Me my dad and brothers sit there knowing mum was supposed to be here had it not been for them. The hospitals complaint handler doesn’t even respond or have any empathy. I am leaving it with the solicitor now but the once positive bubbly girl I was is fading each day. Just pure upset and anger.

The hospital had a meeting and 6-7 consultants knew the information they hid from my mum and the radiologist twice put the wrong results , someone who is supposed to “specialise” in reading scans yet over a few months couldn’t even see the massive increase (which my mums GP has since reviewed and told me anyone could have seen the increase) yet what happens to these so called consultants? They get to walk free, no jail time, and get to carry on going to work and nothing that can bring back my mum.

Several failures towards my mum and they have completely robbed my mum of her life. The mental torture this has on me and my dad and brothers mind every single day. It would have been sad and traumatic if they had told mum and mum died of cancer but atleast we would have known they told her and tried and had treatment, but to leave someone for two years not in the know letting cancer spread throughout so mum had no options by the time we found out is a completely different circumstance, how can you live with that. Knowing your mum would have been here had it not been for the complete and utter incompetence and monstrosity of the nhs :broken_heart:

My mum was a beautiful soul so rare, kind and loving, always radiating a smile and positiveness for others. I wish I could be more like mum but my total outlook on life and people has changed.

Utterly heartbroken daughter.

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I am sorry for the pain that you are going through as a family. I do hope you and your family will get answers and that you will find peace in the future.

Take care.


I am so sorry to hear this, your mum sounded like a lovely person. I recently lost my dad somewhat due to medical negligence and it was so nice to relate to some of the points you made like how unfair it is that they get to go to work everyday and carry on as normal while are loved ones are buried 6ft underground. It honestly frustrates me so much and the fact that there’s nothing I can that will bring him back makes me feel worse.
And the key idea of this whole thing could have been prevented if they actually cared enough, to them he was just another person (Patient) that they needed to treat but to me he was everything.

Also, how your outlook on life and people have changed was a really interesting point. I’ve never lost anyone before, so I still get shocked and confused about the whole situation from time to time and now I understand the harsh realities of life. I just feel so lost but everyone says it’ll get better in time, guess lets see if it’s true. I hope you can return to the positive bubbly girl you once were, if you do, let me know how :slight_smile:

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I do hope that you can get answers but please be prepared for a long fight
I contacted both the ombudsmen and a solicitor in Dec 2020 and only just received from the ombudsmen that they will look into my wife’s treatment

I am sure they all hope you will give up but please keep fighting for your mum

Thank you, appreciate it.

Really sorry I have only just logged on to see this, thank you for your message, I am really sorry for your loss too. It is a terrible experience to have to go through, I completely understand and relate to what you are saying.

The worse thing is knowing they could have done so many things at the time and our parents would still have been here, and knowing there is no justice in this world as they simply will go on with their lives having robbed my mums and your dads and we have to have the pain and grieving everyday of knowing it never should have happened, because they failed our parent in every single way and killed them!. I cannot get past that. Knowing that no matter what action is taken from here it don’t bring back mum is a horrible feeling every single day. I know and am sure it is the same with you that my mum would want me to move forward in life and that’s all we can do, but the pain is there every day and not being able to speak and see my mum hurts so much. They completely robbed mum of her life and any options she would have had at the time to live.

Thank you for your kind words, I really hope you can move forward too, we just have to hold them in our hearts everyday and listen to what they would say in our mind.

Thank you, I will continue to fight it until the end. I hate knowing that no matter what I do they have robbed mum of her life and no matter what I do it won’t bring mum back, but I won’t let them get away with this. I hope you get some responses, it is so unfair with such terrible negligence of the worst kind.

Couldn’t agree more, it’s honestly a thought that I don’t think i’ll ever be able to get out of my head. It will always stick with me. Yeah likewise, I know my dad would want to see me thriving, he told me to enjoy life but I often feel like how can I enjoy it or be happy when he’s not here by my side and that I feel i’ll never see him again (Personal belief). Also, that was a really nice line that you used at the end so, thanks for that :grin:

Same :disappointed::broken_heart: everyday is just another day without mum. My mum said exactly the same but it’s hard each day because everyday is just a day longer without mum and wishing I could see and speak to her so so much. That’s okay, keep taking each day.