Mum died last week

Mum died last week. I am worried I will never feel happy again.
I’m doing ok but I love her so much.
I am still
Fully at the brain fog stage. I feel heavy and Confused. In her final years I had to do a lot for her but i miss that old her terribly.
Is there anyone who can say I will get through this ? I just want to know if I can survive and be happy again.


Hi, sorry for the loss of your Mum. I’m 6 months on from losing my Mum and my grief has changed overtime. It’s still with me and sometimes feels so sharp and painful, however it has moved on from the raw early stages of shock and confusion. Grief shows up bringing all the emotions and to be honest, this has been one of the most difficult times of my life. I know this journey will continue forever as our Mum’s are our first relationship in life so the loss is devastating. Be kind to yourself and take each day as it comes, without expectations. I use this forum a lot to normalise how I am feeling and to know that I’m not alone. Take care xx


Exactly the same. My dear mum passed aged 90 in May this year. I had cared for her for 5 years and been with her all my life (50 years). Never thought I would cope. I’ve cried buckets! But eventually it gets slightly less and less. You will get there. Just one hour and one day at a time. She will always be part of you and will be still looking over you (that’s what I believe anyway). It’s such a difficult time. Hugs. xx


Hi so sorry for the loss of your mother. I losted my mother just over a month ago she died suddenly before me and the emotions it’s like a roller-coaster one minute you think you are coping and then it hits you like a brickwall. It has got a bit better I’m not crying has much but I think about her everyday and wish she was back with me . Reading some of the posts on this website have help because so many people feel the way you feel and you know your not alone with your emotions. And in time hopefully you can be happy again it will all take time. People have said to me treat yourself . Please take care of yourself x


It really is hard. My Mum died 3 years ago, she had Copd and heart failure and I too did alot to look after her. I miss that terribly. I miss ringing her to see how she is and just being there for her (even in the middle of the night to pick her up off of the floor.) I’d like to say it gets better but I still miss her dreadfully after all this time. I feel an overwhelming feeling of guilt and what ifs? Could I have done more etc.? That’s why I’m on here, hopefully others will recognise the feelings we have and empathise. I really feel for you. Keep talking about her and your feelings to whoever will listen, even if it’s on here, talking helps me alot.