Mum died this year

My mumdied in jan this year of lung cancer and blood cancer MD, she has 5 cancers all unrelated and beat them all apart from the last one, it just seems really starnge now , we went out so much and seems unreal, we tried everything to try and cure this ,been a hard loss.

Morning Judy,

That feeling of strangeness is normal - especially when someone so close to you dies and you used to do so much together. Five different cancers must have been quite a shock and a lot to take in and I’m sure that you did everything you could to help your mum and help her to be as comfortable as possible.

Have you been up and about yourself since she died? Sometimes trying to get back into the swing of things will help - with people finding that visiting memorable places can help you remember those who have died. It’s not for everyone as the memories can be hard to deal with when your loss is so raw, but you might find it useful.

Do you have people around you to talk to about it all? We know that that really helps.

Will you let us know how you’re getting on?