Mum died yesterday

I dont know what took me here, just thought it would be nice to get the advice of people that have experienced something similar. Last night at 12am i got a call from my crying father, who told me that my mum was dying. For the next 6 hours i sat in my uni room with my friend, just waiting for news. They found her basically dead in the bedroom, and they spent the next 6 or so hours trying to revive her. She officially died around 8, but they told us that there isnt much chance at 6am. The thing that hit me the hardest is my inability to cry, i feel half normal, but at the same time it feels like im very different too. Its been less than 24 hours since i heard that my mum died, i expected to be completely destroyed, but im not. Hopefully someone here can help me out with what im feeling, and give me advice about what is to come. Thank you (sorry for any errors in the post, im kind of just letting my mind run)

For those wondering, my mum was 49 and had no health issues. Which makes it even harder to comprehend, since it wasnt something i thought was coming soon.

Hi keys. So sorry for the loss of your mum.i lost my mum in may to cancer in a hospice so it wasn’t sudden like your mum. We were so very close I stayed at the hospice 24/7 for a month to be by her side always. I’m broken hearted and gutted beyond words. I too like you are I feel in a great state of shock and it’s your body protective device to the emotional pain of losing your mum as well as shock I think you may be in denial as well . Grief does very weird things to your body and mind!! And we all deal with it differently and I suppose how close we are to the person you have lost. Don’t over question yourself . Your grief will come I could be wrong but feel its the shock part as that’s how I was in at the start and I still can be in denial as its only way can cope. Me and my mum were peas in pod and I’m lost without her. I would of given her my life so she didn’t have to suffer as she did. I hope some of this helps . Your dad must be very much in shock and all over so support each other if you are close. Lots of love. Tray x

Hi, I am sorry to hear about your mum. I lost my mum suddenly on Christmas Eve so I can empathise with what you are going through. I went into shock initially and found it hard to cry but eventually l did. I am now 6 months on and can say that things do get better with time and that is because you learn to adapt. People won’t know what to say and will sometimes say the wrong thing. Don’t take it personally. Grief is individual but it is also a but of a roller-coaster and you should be prepared for that. If you can find someone to talk to then that would be a good thing. I hope you get some answers as to what happened for your own peace of mind.

Thank you for the kind words. Im sure we are all in shock, but we will just deal with it as it comes

And i hope you are feeling better about your loss too

I feel very odd, have never felt like this before. I kind of describe it as being myself, but at the same time being poked by depression at random times. We will get over it eventually, just hope that we can get through this. Thank you for your message

Everyone deals with grief differently, my dad showed no emotion up until the final few days before my mum passed away but I tried not to block it out and was able to sit up with my mum on her final night and be fine. People expect you to be falling apart but it’s totally fine that you’re not. I even managed to speak at the funeral on friday which is something many people (including myself) didn’t know how I got through. The emotion for me comes in waves. I hope you’re still doing okay

I’m so sorry for your loss!
I lost my mum in May this year, I’m struggling real bad! I’m 19 and at uni too, it hit me right in the middle of exams!

I’m here if you need anything

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