Mum sister counseling

I lost my sister and mum 3 weeks apart my sister took her own life and mum had dementia I have tried many sites to get help regarding counseling yet not one of them let me talk about them together I can can talk about one but not the other​:rage: no body should ever have 2 funeral in 1 week or deal with 2 of everything I am expected to grieve one at a time :rage: I watched my mum die in front of me my sister was dieing on the phone daily the conversations that I had with them were the most heartbreaking no body should ever have to listen to :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Yes that is very tough as how can you separate it?
I would just play the game as they say and do your best and an understanding counsellor may bend. But I get that you feel upset by the rules.

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