My mum is in the last stages of Altzheimers she is so vulnerable, she has looked after me all my life and I cant protect her. She is at home with my dad but bedbound, she knows were there and understands what we are saying but cant respond, she sleeps a lot and its hard to watch her. I dont know what to do or how to deal with this.

Dear T123

I’m so sorry and sad that life had been so cruel in this way. In my opinion there isn’t a way to deal with it, you cope and that’s the best you can do.

But know that you are giving back to your lovely mum, being there now when she’s maybe scared, confused and afraid. If you can, hold her hand, wipe her face, show her the tender love she’s shown you so these years,

It breaks my heart remembering those last days and hours with my mum but I will hold them close to my heart forever.

Today is a challenge, what’s coming a nightmare but slowly you’ll pull yourself out of it and will function then live, I promise.

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Keep calm, or when you can realise all the stress then keep calm, difficult moments are coming unfortunately there arenot way to know what is the best way to deal with the end of life, paintfull to see our loved go.
As Scarlet said hold her hand if you can stay with her .
Show her kindness and love. Be patient. Ask if there is palliative care team that can help.

Stay in this community might some people with similar experience can tell you something.

Take care of yourself so you can cope with the hard time ahead.

Hello T123.

I am so very sorry to hear your story. It certainly is a very difficult time for you.
Please know we are here for you, our lovely members will be able to offer you comfort and support.
But as your Mum has Alzheimer’s, I wonder if you have contacted the Alzheimer’s Dementia Connect Team? They have a lovely team of professional people, who are contactable on 0333 150 3456.
At this time, you may also find comfort and understanding on their Facebook page:

Take care,
Online Community Team