I lost my mum suddenly in January and since then I’m told that I’ll feel my mums presence and “know when she around. My mum will always be with me. “
But why do I feel nothing. I feel like my mum is gone.
And it’s breaks my heart.
My siblings get signs and feelings that my mum is around and it’s comforting for them. But I don’t get anything. Why is this?
I want to.
I don’t want to feel this way.
Even my young daughters have said things that makes them say it’s grandma.
I miss her so much I would give anything to have a sign or feel like my mum is with me.

Hi Gemma I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mum, I lost my mum in July this year and like you are so wanting to see or feel something, people have said to me that when the time is right your mum will come, the only thing I have noticed is the clock stopped in her bedroom when we were sorting her clothes out, it stopped at 10am that morning and she died on the 10th I replaced the battery and carried on, ( could it have been a sign?) then one morning I woke just before 6 thought it was too early to get up fell back to sleep then heard my mum say my name i just opened my eyes and lay there I hadn’t been dreaming of anything the time was 06.35 so I definitely was asleep but not 100% sure about it, I still crave for a sign or to feel her presence it what keeps me going, I take one day at a time but I will never accept my mum is gone, lifes cruel ain’t it, I hope you get something soon from your mum, thinking of you take care
Lynn x

Hi lynn, thank you for your reply I am so sorry for the loss of your mum.
And sad at it is. It’s also A little comforting to know that others do feel the same. And it isn’t just me.
I hope you do get your comfort that your mum is still around.
Take care Xx

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your Mum. I lost my Dad over 20 years ago and it took many years before I had what I thought was a sign from him.
Please don’t worry or get upset about signs. I personally think you’ll see something one day.
Take care

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