I lost my mum on Thursday she was 74 with many health conditions but she chocked to death and my dad was with her and he did all he could with his neighbour. I was meant to see mum that day but was ill and was going to go on Friday. I feel so much guilt and what if. She was taken by something so stupid. I don’t know what to do it’s my first real experience of death and I have been leaf to it due to dad being deaf. I have all these emotions I want to scream, cry and its so final.

Hi CookieCatz

I lost my mum aged 74 to a sudden brain hemorrhage just over 2 years ago. This is such early days for you but in time the guilt will subside. The what ifs eat you up for weeks and months but they do eventually go.

I’ve learnt to accept that it was obviously my mum’s time to go but its very hard when we were laughing and joking in the morning and she was in a coma a few hours later.

Please make sure you do what you need to - If you want to scream and cry then do so.


Hello, it is very sad and horrible when we loss our mums and no matter when there’s always those ‘what ifs’. The emotions are very rare at present so be kind to yourself and don’t rush into anything. There’s no rush and you need time to process what has happened and what is going to happen. Be very careful, you are very vulnerable at present. Take time. Sending big hugs and blessings. S xxx

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