I lost my mum a year ago. She was very healthy caught covid and died in literally days.
I have children and a husband , and my dad , but I have never felt so sad and lonely.
Some days I cry for hours, others I try to be me .

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So sorry to read that things are bad with you and find little comfort with your family.

You say that you spend a lot of time crying and unfortunately I can empathise with that feeling. Is there anything specific that can trigger your sadness?
I thought I was having a good week until work today when a select few decided to bitch and complain about me thinking I wouldn’t know. That I could have handled but they then decided to try justify their bitching about me by trying to blame my mums death 7 weeks ago which upset me greatly :sob: x

I do hope you manage to have good days and if you ever want to talk always here x

Suzanne x

In reading that back I don’t mean your family don’t bring you comfort I just meant the loneliness is still there even though you have them around.

Hopefully you’ll understand me through my ramblings,

Suzanne x

I’m so sorry for your lose! I too lost my mum to covid in November just gone and literally don’t know what to do with myself and even though, like you I have fantastic husband and family, I still feel very lost and so desperately sad that I’m not gonna see mum again.
I believe it is very true when people say you should go with how you feel and talk about how you feel to those close people, and definitely try not to hold it in, I did that at work and have now been signed off as I got to the point where I thought I was going mad and was literally gonna explode with all kinds of emotions.
Sorry for the ramble
Take care

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Hi Jan. I’m so very sorry you lost your mam. It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened. I’m sure it feels like it’s just now. My mam passed on 25 November. Don’t know how I got to now. Thought I’d started feeling a bit better, like ‘me’. But I just can’t believe it’s true. She had cancer and didn’t know and died in a week of being diagnosed. I miss her so much. I feel completely lost without her. Started a new project today and thought I was coping, despite not sleeping. Mam loved to dance and no one would dance with her. I wish I had, for her. I just want to have her back, when everything was normal and she wasn’t ill. I miss her so much. The sadness is so unbearable. I want to be with her so very much. Sorry I’m not more uplifting. Take care xxx