It’s 5 months since mum died. She was 90 & still living independently and died suddenly and alone. I’m really struggling with that, I find it so hard to think of her alone and possibly frightened. I tried to access counselling but was told it was too soon and what I’m feeling is normal. I know it’s normal but it still hurts and I miss her so much.


I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum I lost my mum nearly 7 months ago and like yourself am finding it hard :pensive: I’m just nearly finished a course of counselling sessions with cruse and it has been helpful to chat to someone outside the family unit I still have my dad 2 brother’s and 2 daughters , one daughter still lives at home and she has been amazing and really supportive when I’m feeling really sad and low but no one can fill that void we have upon losing someone so close, keep messaging on here there is always someone to chat to , we are all here for each other and totally understand how raw it feels, take care
Lynn xx

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Thank you for suggesting Cruse, I’ll get in touch with them. It really helped just putting my thoughts on here the other night. I thought I was doing better but it was my Dads birthday last week and no one remembered and Mum wasn’t there to ring. I just felt so overwhelmed with sadness. I know all the firsts are going to be hard but I wasn’t expecting that one. I hope you’re having a good day, as someone said to me at mum’s funeral take one day at a time and if you can’t take a whole day, take 1 hour at a time.

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