My mum is dying, she cant hear, see walk or talk anymore. i have mental health needs and im scared of another psychotic breakdown due to the stress of family


I am so sorry, but I am sure your mum knows deep down inside you are there loving and caring for her.
Please seek help, ring the Samaritans don’t suffer alone.
I see from your profile you are thinking about going into the ministry, use that faith and prayer to give you strength to get through the days ahead. Our sermon this morning was about about the power of prayer.
I will be thinking and praying for you.
God bless, Debbie X

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Samc, do you have any support from CMHN or crisis team? They need to be aware of your situation, I think you are doing extremely well recognising the stress you are experiencing right now and what it may lead to, well done.
My husband had an acute psychotic episode and even happy changes could trigger his mental well being to deterioration, so I really understand your concerns.