Lost mum nearly 2 months now and my sister has become a horrible person

So sorry for your loss of your mum
You say your sister is horrible could it just be her grief
Most of the time we hurt the people that we love
You both are going through a lot of heartache right now
So not making any excuses on the behalf of your sister maybe it’s her way to get through her pain
I hope you both manage to connect with each other and share your feelings

Take care

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Thank you. I looked after mum for last 11 years my sister showed up once every few weeks The week mum was dying my sister wouldn’t leave her and now she acts like it’s all her. I know we both grieving but she acts like I don’t count I don’t exist I am nothing and it hurts me.


You know different and so did your mum
You had 11 wonderful years looking after your mum
That you shared with her memories that no one can take away from you
Your sister might just feel guilty
She knows she was not there enough

Hold onto the happy memories you had with your mum
They will get you through this awful time

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Thank you. Yes I know her guilt x