It’s Katz here
How I’m I going to cope with the first Christmas without my Mum, My Mum loved Christmas and all it meant Dad’s not bother either way. How can I celebrate I don’t want to but everyone around me will want to and I don’t want to spoil it for them, but it’s just I can’t be bothered with it all.
Does anybody understand me


I also am going to have mums first birthday and Xmas without my mum. And more recent my sister. I don’t no how to cope thru this. I too like you feel I am going to spoil people around me Xmas. Hugs to you x

I feel the same I almost feel angry that I’m expected by my family to celebrate Christmas. I lost my mom a month ago and buried her two days ago. She loved Christmas so much.

I’m trying to support my dad aswell I feel completely overwhelmed. I have three children who are older and they want me to host Christmas at my house. The thought of doing this is making me so anxious. I don’t want any of it.

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I get everything you are saying. Everyone I feel thinks we should be better after few months. I no I will never be the same not without my mum. It’s so hard for us. I did 5 sessions of Grief therapy I had to tell them it’s not working. And they agreed I’m in trauma because lost too many people so close together. I wish we could rewind a couple year. Hugs to ux

I don’t want to celebrate Xmas either. I have a 14 year old who loves Xmas. Somehow she’s still excited (she’s a kid I get it) but me… I don’t want to be around people having a good time. I just want my mum here. I feel you completely :two_hearts: :cry:xx

It’s hard when you have a child still living with you. I have grandkids and I haven’t been able to even sit and play with them. And I hope I don’t c anyone over xmas. Although my daughter wil want me to go see grandkids I feel this is going to b very hard. I wish people understood that I feel is almost paralyzed with grief. My brother died 2020. This April my mum passed then August my sister passed. I don’t understand my life anymore x

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I feel so sad sometimes and happy other times, then I feel guilty for being happy and laughing which I know that my lovely mum would want me to be happy.
At the moment I am clearing out my parents bungalow and it is heartbreaking as Dad is in a rest home so it’s all day to me. My heart goes out to you all.

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I feel for you. I emptied my mum and sister’s bungalow in August. I won’t lie it was horrendous. Take your timex


New here, I understand this. I lost my mum 4 weeks ago and her funeral is next week. I am trying to look after my dad and my teenagers who were so close to my mum, I just want her back, it’s unbearable isn’t it.
Christmas feels so hard, invites to Christmas do’s with. ‘It will do you good’ when I know it won’t.
Big hugs to you all xxx