Got the dreaded phone call this afternoon…my mum fought for six days (they thought she would pass last Sunday), instead she’s chosen a beautiful autumn day at midday to leave me. I’m 54…I’m a big girl now but I’m heartbroken. :broken_heart:.

I want my mum x


So sorry to hear your loss. She will be at peace and looking over you. Were you able to be with her when she passed? Just take one hour at a time. Your grief will be so hard right now. Hope you have friends and family who are there for you. I’m 53 and lost my mum in May. It hurts like crazy. Big hugs. xxx

No, I wasn’t with her. I do take comfort from the fact that nothing can hurt her anymore. My husband and friends are a fantastic support which is a good job as the rest of her family are useless and have had nothing to do with her for 15 years since their mother passed.


Sorry to hear about your loss, i lost my mum in may. Im 41 and my mum went down hill with her condition in 2 weeks. I feel very sad part of me feels missing. I cried in the supermarket 2 weeks ago at the Yorkshire tea bags as they was her favourite. I just have no family now only my kids hubby and my brother.

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