I’m not sure if this is even allowed but I’m from Maidstone and wondering if anyone is in or near the area to meet up, one, or multiple people, I lost my mum in January and so many people don’t understand me and avoid me, thought it might be nice to surround myself with beautiful people who understand and don’t feel uncomfortable? I’m incredibly broken and never felt so alone in a world full of people :pensive:


Hi jamie
I understand completely. I lost my mum 3 monthes ago.i cant even watch tv.every thing trdess it.i just wNt be wit people who loves me for me.but everyone past best friend past before.i feel so lonely in the weekends.pls do be hard on your kind if you need to cry let it

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Oh sweetheart, I’m so sorry! Feel free to reach out to me whenever! You’re not alone I promise!! I can’t watch the telly, music was my life and I can’t even bare to listen to it anymore, everything is a chore and I can’t cope with it!
I hope you find people who love you and care for you enough to listen and be there! You deserve nothing less! X

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Thank you .you havecbeen could email me as hugsxx

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Sorry to hear you are going through this. I lost my mum in November, its so difficult at times she is on my mind constantly and i dont want it any other way.How on earth do we carry on with such a huge loss.
I would of met up but im from Merseyside to far away xxx


Hello , i lost my mum 3 weeks ago. I am a mum of 5 but my mum lived with me and helped me raise all 5 of my children. She had a long term chronic illness and i cared for her every single day for the last 20 yrs give or take the odd weekend away when o was alot younger lol. We did everything together. And now shes gone my brain feels like its auto pilot. I have this feeling in my chest unlike anything ive ever fealt. So im guessing thats the feeling we all share. Knowing well never see their smiles or hear their voice. . Theres no prepairing you os there ! You wish you hugged them more kissed them more spent every waking minute togetger. But in reality , your mum was her own person as was mine and they loved us dearly and they wouldnt want us to feel such heartaache knowing they cant be there to support us. X i feel your pain jamie you are not alone .

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Hi @Jamie-leighhh I wish I lived closer otherwise I’d totally take you up on your offer! But I’m in the east Midlands :disappointed:
I know how you feel, so alone without your mum. Mine brought me up, I never had a dad, so she was everything to me. I have no other close family. I have a lovely husband and friends, but they don’t quite understand as they haven’t been through this. I also feel broken - like there’s the more happy, carefree version of me before my mum passed, and then there’s me since, who is miserable, having lost all joy and light in the world. It’s just been 6 months for me since losing my mum but I still feel like a black cloud is following me around. I just want to see and talk to my mum, hug her, see her smile, let me know everything will be OK and that she’s still there for me in some way :frowning: I’m sure you feel the same. I understand xx

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Hiya jamie, i was thinks the same thing. Lot my mum suddenly last year i feel so alone she was my best friend :heart: i have know friend to talk to. If not for my children don’t no where i would be now… x

:wave: hello am sorry to hear that. As long your not Alone. I foundcthe best medicine is to be around people. And when you need to cry.get all out.i had grief all alone. Do you feel sometimes when your fine it just hits you like awave.?