Mum became ill in January and spent ,3 months passed between 3 hospitals, she was bed bound and Very distressed. I have been with her every day and fought so hard to get her home on continuing health care. I achieved this and she was relieved to be home. She soon slipped into a semi coma when she got home and has been like this for 2 weeks. She has a syringe driver in, but is still coughing and agitated I feel I am watching her being tortured, and having a slow painful death. I am struggling to cope and have been sat with her night and day. She has not eaten or drank for a week now and I’m willing her to go. How much more can her body take, I feel I’m in hell with her.

She has lung kidney and spinal cord cancer I forgot to say.

Ho Nicola im so sorry to hear about your Mum being in such horrendous pain and for you to have to suffer this too it’s utterly devastating my loss is a lot different to yours but keep posting there’s alot of very kind people on here I know words can’t heal or take away the endless physical and mental torture and anguish second by second but you and your lovely mum are in my thoughts take care as much as possible your in my thoughts and prayers Adele x

Thanks for your kind words, mum has passed this morning, I’m relieved no more pain now.

I’m am truly so so sorry for your loss it’s heartbreaking please take as much care as possible message anytime in my thoughts may your amazing mum rest in peace in my thoughts and prayers Adele x heartbreaking emoji x

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Thanks for your kind words x

I’m my thoughts and prayers hun message anytime take care of yourself as much as possible Adele x

Thanks Adele x

Anytime hun im so so sad no words can describe the agony and pain of your loss in my thoughts take care speak soon x