Mums anniversary of the day she died

My mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 30th June 2018. Offered palliative/ life extending care. Waiting on test results before any treatment could commence. Mum passed away 9th September 2018 without a diagnosis or any treatment. No care or support given by anyone. Left in excruciating pain for too long. Mistakes were made. We could of made more memories with mum if her GP, consultant, doctors, nurses, ambulance team, cancer nurse had actually done their job properly. SIR - lessons have been learned.
There’s a lot more to this but has anyone else received this lack of help

It does all seem a bit of a ‘postcode lottery’. Some parts of the country seem to have better facilities than others. I had very little support from my GP when my wife was home, but the hospital and care home were very good. I changed my surgery because I felt let down. The new one is so much better.
The pressure of work is enormous in the NHS. I am not making excuses for lack of care, there is no excuse for that.
I can see you are feeling very upset by it all and the pain is very apparent.
The professional help we get is, by and large, good. But like all big organisations, it varies from place to place.
Coming to terms with what has happened is very difficult for you and we all know. You are far from alone. It’s good you are here. Take care and Blessings.

I agree with Jonathan, it is the luck of the draw thing and to be honest that’s life in general. Don’t let it eat you because the memories are all there from years back into your childhood, the funny ones, the very happy ones and also the sad ones. She will always be there in your mind and non of us know when the end is coming, so think of the happy things. One lady sad to me the other week, look and count one blessing every day, it helps. Take care. S