Mums belongings

Hi all. I live with my dad I moved in nearly 3 years after I lost my mum and to this day my dad can’t bring himself to get rid of my mums clothes and everything else. I told my dad if your going to do it you have to be ruthless but only do it when you feel the time is right.
It’s like myself I have so much my mum gave me and I can’t get rid either. It would feel like I’m removing my mum from my life. It would feel like I’m being disrespected towards her memory. I can hear people saying you have to move on so unless you’ve lost your mum you wouldn’t have first clue how I’m feeling
Has anyone felt like this. Please help

I don’t know what happened there the category needing filling. For some reason it’s picked wrong category. Sorry everyone

I’ve moved this into the right category for you now, @Steven :blue_heart:

Thank you. I do need help on this more especially for my dads sake.