Mums Birthday

Today would have been my mums birthday.
Its the first one since she died.
Its been a whole heap harder today (so far) than I expected.
I planned to go and visit this morning, but really struggled to actually leave the house… as it meant I had to accept that she wasn’t here. (I hope that makes sense)

I did go in the end. I sat with them (mum and dad are together), sang and cried. We had cake (at 6am)

I’ve come to work because i should, but i just want to be the little girl today who is missing her mum and dad.


Thank you for sharing this with us, @Annie46. Thinking of you today :blue_heart:

Ah @Annie46 I hope you’re okay today. Your post was so poignant and I can imagine how hard it must have been. My Mum died in January and it’s my birthday next month so I’m anticipating an emotional time. Sending you love xx

I lost my mum the day before her 79th birthday in April and lost my dad 18 months before. Its been my birthday this week which I always shared with them and the week before up until my birthday had been so emotional. I am not coping very well but its still very new. My lovely cousin passed away the week before my mum aged 52. I told my mum he had died as I knew she would of wanted to know but was obviously heart broken as I am. My sleep has been awful and very erratic. Its always the 1st of things that are the hardest to cope with. On these special days do something your mum would have liked to do. I went out for the day with family on my birthday to her favorite beach. Had a pub lunch and raised a toast to my mum as I know she would of been/was there in some way. Had the biggest ice cream which she would of loved too. It really helped me to feel close. Wishing you all the best xx


Hi Annie46,
The firsts are the worst. My mum’s birthday was tough too and my own birthday fell on mother’s Day so it was a double whammy. Every memory in the world comes flooding back and not being able to see her or but her presents almost finished me off.
Well done on doing and getting through what you did today. Your mum and dad would have been proud of you. The flowers look gorgeous. Red roses are so appropriate.
Keep going and am thinking of you
Deborah x

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