Mums birthday

Tomorrow 27 march will have been my mum’s 75 birthday but the pain of losing her is still raw. I’ve been quiet at work these last couple of days because I’m struggling with my feelings.
I know it been 3 months since she left us but I still expect her calls or to see her face. Mothers day was hard and I know her birthday is going to be harder as I have to put on a brave face at work as I’m still the outsider there and have no one to talk to.
I still cry myself to sleep as a single parent there no one to hold me and to help ease the pain.
I feel so alone in this world.


Its really hard wen u feel so alone as well as grieving do you have a close friend you cud talk to about how your feeling or maybe consider grief councilling. I lost my dad 5 months ago an i miss him so much itll be his birthday soon and im not looking forward to it its just so hard wen there no longer with us.

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No I don’t have anyone, all my friends deserted me and the 1 siblings I talk to is struggling herself, though she has a councillor and doctor supporting her.
I know what I will do is what I always do pretend I’m ok, to get through the day.
Hope you have someone to talk to, to help you get through. X

I don’t have anyone to talk to either and my GP isn’t interested. Put yourself on a waiting list for counselling or NHS talking therapies. That is what I have done. My mum died just over 2 months ago, her birthday was the day after the funeral, it was very hard. Take care of yourself xx

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Hi @Janlou69, sorry to hear about your mom, I can understand what you are going through, my mom was only 56 when she passed away on 21st Oct,2023 and me and my mom have the same birthdate that was on 10th Jan. that was such a difficult day for me. If you want to talk through the day, please talk it out in this group. We all understand how you feel. If you would want to celebrate the day with your kid in her honor, please do that, do whatever makes you slightly happy, Grieving is tough so does being alone, please feel free to reach out.

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Hi I lost my mum in January she was only 63 after a 5 year battle with COPD, she was my best friend I spent every day with her, my mums birthday was on the 18th March a week after Mother’s Day, it was so hard being the first Mother’s Day and birthday since she passed, I have 3 sons who were so close the my mum, she was like their second mum to them, I wanted to do something but didn’t really know what to do , so we got some pink hearts and let them go and it was so beautiful seeing them float up to the clouds , I miss her so much the pain is unbearable, some days it’s so hard to get up xx

We let balloons off in her name. I’m having a struggling day and feel low.
I think site helps a little as you don’t feel alone as such.
But I miss her so much there’s day I still don’t believe she has gone.