Mums funeral is tomorrow

So the day has finally come, mums final journey. Her funeral is tomorrow and I am really struggling.
I can’t say goodbye to her because that will make it all so final. I’ve pretended that she’s still here with me, somewhere.
I don’t want to go to the funeral but then I don’t want to miss it, I feel absolutely heartbroken. I thought things were supposed to get easier but the longer I go without speaking to her and hugging her the harder it is. I honestly can’t see a way out of all this.
People have stopped sending cards, calling and offering help and it feels like mum is already forgotten about.
I’ve been put on antidepressants and offered counselling but they can’t get me an appointment for the next 4 months and I just want to speak to someone about my mum.


You can ring the national Cruse bereavement line at any time.

As for the funeral, my mum and I were dreading my dad’s. But it was OK. We got through it. You’ll be OK. If you need to approach it as just something to be got through, then do that.



Hi Shell9.I am so sorry for your loss.I know how hard it is after losing your mum.Even 3 years on i still pretend my mum is still here.I know having to go to your mums funeral is so final, because after that there’s just grief.For me it brought me some closure.The fact she could now be at rest.On the day of my mums funeral it was so muddy we were all sinking into the mud.All the family were there but half of them had fallen out.It brought a bit of humour to the day because i imagined my mum looking down laughing at this comedy scene.Just hope it goes as well as it can go.Hopefully the sun will come out.

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So Sorry for your loss…My Mums Funeral is on the 14th of May so i totally understand what your going through, it is Heartbreaking…i will be thinking of you,
Take care, sending you hugs X


Awww shell , i wish you to know i will be thinking of you all day tomorrow and please accept my sincere, honest heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.
Getting bit welled-up now thinking about your day and you.
Hope i don,t sound too forward shell , just needed to reply to you.
I am here whenever you are ready.

Take care and bless you.
Hugs xx

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Hi chris , i would like to repeat and give you the same heartfelt sympathy and how sorry i feel for you.

Take care ,
Bless you friend

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Thank you so much Xx

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Your very welcome Chris , and again so sorry.
Bless you.


Well we’ve done it, we got to say our goodbyes and as much as it broke me I somehow feel so peaceful right now.
I’ve felt on edge ever since mum got sick and when she passed I had no idea how I would get through a day but if I can get through today then I’m sure I can get through anything, I know she’s guiding me and helping me from wherever she may be.
It will be my birthday tomorrow and I’ve found the birthday card that Mum bought but didn’t get chance to write and send me, that was so difficult. I know my Dad and Mum will both be wishing they were here to celebrate with me.
Thank you for your lovely messages.
@chris1968 I hope that your Mum’s funeral goes as well as it can and I’m sure you’ll do her proud. I’ll be thinking of you on the 14th. If you need to talk, you can always speak to me on here xx


So pleased you found some peace after your Mums funeral……Your Dear Mum will always be with you and she is definitely guiding you.
Happy birthday, your Mum and Dad will be with you for sure.
Thank you for thinking of me, and I just hope I make it through the day on the 14th.
I appreciate your support, i will message you and let you know how it went.
Take care, and God Bless,

Hi Shell , just reading your post. I am pleased you are ok , ( I know that might not be correct word, but as you say feel peaceful).
I do and always have care and think about everyone apart from myself, i hate to see and know anyone is upset etc.

I know you will not obviously be bothered or thinking about birthday, but still i would like to say happy birthday to you. :slight_smile:
Take care ,
Hugs xx

Hello Shell

I glad you were able to make it through the service. I can relate to the feeling of calmess and peace after the service. My mums service was Friday and i had workes myself up for it but once there I was able to say my goodbyes and I just know she is at peace with my Dad & sister. I really hope you are doing ok ? I have struggled the last few days but keep on going.

Coll i hope everyhing goes well for you on th 14th , I willbe thinking of you and your family

Take care x