Mum's passing

Hello people, so it’s been 10 weeks sine my mother passed away at just 66. It was sudden. A matter of 12 hours and no longterm illness. Bronchial pneumonia.

I know I couldn’t get to her in time as live several hours away, and I couldn’t of git there any quicker.

Since her passing I’ve had several low days and I was so close to my mum, who was quite simply my best freind.

I can’t work out why I’m not crying or feeling so sad thes last few weeks. I know I’m at work and we’re extremely busy during the holidays, and I’m a duty manager in a hotel, I just feel so guilty that I’m not showing my grievence. Is it coz work keeping me occupied, am i not taking this in, as it doesn’t feel like 10 weeks, more like a week ago! I just don’t know, and I feel so guilty I’m not crying etc, maybe I haven’t processed it and can’t accept it? Any advise would be great. I do miss her and more days go by I just want to hear her voice. I don’t want her to think I don’t care by not showing my emotions. Please help! - Adam


I’m so sorry for your loss of your mum
I too loss my mum 9 months after my husband died suddenly
She died 3 years ago and I have never grieved for her
I know one day out of the blue it will hit me

Please don’t feel guilty it’s how you are coping
There is no right or wrong
Keeping yourself busy does make it easier to cope
So work is probably helping you !

When your down come on this site and share your thoughts
Talking does make a difference

You take care

Scottie, thank you.

I know it’s helping with work, but I just can’t help feeling guilty. I’ve had a few dien weeks but I think alot was also helping my dad plan the funeral, I stayed strong for him and pushed my grievance to the side, as needed to support him. Then since being back at work just so busy. Maybe at dome point it will #hit# me too, I just don’t want my mother thinkinsheg I’m not caring of her since she passed away.