I was married to an amazing guy that lived in Jamaica, We were married just over a year. Then the end of October 2020 he went out for a drink with a couple of friends and was murdered by them on his way home. He was shot twice in the chest and died instantly… I feel absolutely devastated

@Karens hi I am so very sorry for your loss its hard enough losing our soulmates but to have them taken from you like that is horrendous especially by so called friends I can’t imagine how you must be feeling I lost my partner pauline in April and I’m struggling with her loss I hope you have friends and family around you for support keep posting on here you will find support we all try to help eachother as best we can stay safe take care sending you hugs

Hi Pauline
So sorry for your loss, I know it is so so hard to move on in life.
I miss my husband Jason very very much. I was in utter shock when I got a lot of voice messages saying something had happened to Jason and I must phone my sister in law in Jamaica.
He had been out with so called friends, which set him up when they was going home. Two was on a motorbike and left just a head of my husband. He was almost home when he and a friend saw a motorbike looking very similar to the one his friends rode off on but because it was dark it was hard to identify 100%. Jason and his friend walked up the dark lane where Jason had his house. Two men come running out of the bushes and shot Jason in his chest, he died instantly.
Since Jason was murdered I have been helping the Jamaican police in their investigation to find his killers. It has been worse than any nightmare I could ever imagine

@Karens hi I’m casey by the way pauline was my partner It must be so horrendous dealing with it all I really can’t express enough how sorry I am for what you are going through do you have support around you? I hope family and friends are there for you to lose our soulmates truly is devastating but to lose them to murder I really can’t comprehend that and our lives will never be the same without them but he would want you to go on and I know its so hard and we miss them so very much I do hope they catch the people that are responsible again I’m so sorry stay safe take care sending you hugs

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Ohhh I’m so very sorry for your loss
That’s awful
Keep posting here you need all the support you can
This forum will give you that support

Take care hugs
Marie x

Hi @Karens what an awful situation for you and I can’t begin to know how you are coping. But I would say please get support with this. I am sure there is an organisation with a website, who can offer you help. I can’t remember the name - sorry. Please know there are people out there who care.