My 1st birthday without Matty

Hi not been on for a while I have been in denial all part of grief I keep getting told . I lost Matty last November 7th and have been going through the tsunami of grief and hopelessness ever since . This Sunday will be the first without him and my mum (I lost her last July 19th) I don’t want to celebrate but my husband bless him has booked a weekend away for us both . I feel so lost and just want to hear him tell me of once more for being daft


Hi, I think we all on here can appreciate how you feel. Any anniversaries are never going to be good days and how to deal with them is not easy. I personally just had one and pleased that the date has gone. I am sending big hugs and love and to reminder you are not alone. S xx

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Hi ajth
Not seen you on here for a while . People say it gets easier it dont .my sam we lost him april his birthday is saturday 12th .he would be 26 its just so wrong. Go on your break it will be good change of scenery. Big hugs to you take care zoe xxx