My 27 year old son died in a tragic accident abroad.

My son died at the beginning of August , we were very close I brought him up alone from the age of 3 , I am struggling every minute of everyday with the pain and loss , i was not informed that he had died for 4 days then its been all the difficulties of bringing him back to the UK and I still have no answers as to how the accident happened. How have others coped with losing a child ?

My heart goes out to you. I also brought my son up with no partner. He was the loveliest young man and I’m fit to burst with pride. But like you the pain every day is awful. From what others say, I think this is it for us. We have to learn to accept that life won’t feel good again. We’ll always have this pain. We’re on a different road now and we’re not the same as others. I guess that’s our first step, acceptance.

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