My Angel Up In Heaven (Poem by Dave Hedges)

The words in your poem are so beautiful & meaningful, full of pain but also so much love, it made me sob & the tears are still rolling down my cheeks now. It must be so hard for you. I lost my wonderful, kind, funny, brave, clever husband 10wks ago & I’ve cried every single day. It’s so horrible without him. We’d know each other since we were 11yrs old but only met up again 15yrs ago, we married 12yrs ago & literally spend all of our spare time together…joined at the hip…We loved being together, we laughed & had fun. When he was diagnosed with his illness in February 2021 the drs said he could have 3/5yrs, so we were doing fun things but then he lost his fight in December 2022 just 10months after he was diagnosed! I’ve felt paralysed since that terrible day & understand your poem completely. I’m so sorry for your loss.

I am sorry for the loss of your mum. Your words echo my feelings about the loss of my mum- 4 years ago now. But I still have feelings of guilt and miss her so. Your poem does reassure me that perhaps it is natural to feel this way- we always feel we could have done better even though we probably gave what was our best at that time.

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Hi Sue I was the same sobbing while reading it . Whst I would not give to feel my husbands hand in mine once again I would never let it go​:cry::cry:

Thank you so much it helps to know that my poetry brings people comfort. Stay strong x