My Angel Up In Heaven (Poem by Dave Hedges)

My angel up in heaven
I wanted you to know
I feel you watch over me
Everywhere I go.

I wish you were with me
But that can never be
Memories of you in my heart
That only I can see.

My angel up in heaven
I hope you understand
That I would give anything
If I could hold your hand.

I’d hold you oh so tightly
And never let you go
And all the love inside me
To you I would show.

My angel up in heaven
For now we are apart
You’ll always live inside of me
Deep within my heart.


Such a lovely poem made me cry as the words are how i feel miss my husband so much


So sorry for the loss of your husband and the pain you are going through.
I lost my partner three yeas ago and it still hurts as bad ad day one.
Everyday he is on my mind and the tears are not far behind.
Take care.


thank you for your kind words i am so sorry for the loss of your husband i lost my husband 4 months ago he lost his battle with cancer he fought long and hard to beat it but the chemo was not working and we were told he only had 6 months it was so hard hearing them say them words


Thank you @Alone1 , what a lovely poem. Says it all really. :heart:


@Alone1 beautiful poem, i also write poetry feels like it gives me an outlet.

I really want my poetry to be read and for it to give support or comfort to others that are struggling, i dont really know how to make that happen.


That is so beautifully put together.

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@Vonde this is one that i wrote about the loss of my mum.

When you lose your mum, it feels like the worst pain, to never be able to see her again.

I know I’m an adult with my own mind but there’s no doubt I need my mum sometimes.

I would love to pick the phone up and hear her voice, I didn’t speak to her everyday but I would love to have the choice.

Forever gone is too much to bare, not having her here is just unfair.

So for all the people out there who’s lost their mum I know how hard it is to move on.


Very emotional.
Means alot
Keep writting if it helps you


@Vonde thank you, yes it does help.
I have others if you would like to read them?

No worries if you dont

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Yes i love poems

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@Vonde me too, okay well i would love some feedback if you don’t mind?

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I will try


@Vonde thank you i would really appreciate that.

This is one i wrote about my guilt towards my mum.

I’m sorry I let you die alone, I know you wanted to be at home.

I’m sorry I let them take you away, I just didn’t know the right way.

I did my best I hope you know, I wish you didn’t have to go.

I think about you everyday, the night you died is on replay.

I should have been there to hold your hand when you needed me the most, but know that night will always haunt me like a ghost.


You get a real feeling of how you experienced the passing of your mum.
There was periods of my partners final days where i thought i did things wrong or could have done things differently.
My partner was a strong lady and in away planned the way she wanted to go .it didnt make things any easier on my side but she did pass away at home with me present.i found that very hard and i re play that moment all the time .that breaks me .
There is no right or wrong way you did the best at that moment.
You obviously really loved your mum and she would know that.


There was a moment my partner was going to be man handled to hospital as she could not answer simple questions by the ambulance staff .so they sent for a extraction team to force her .
By some miracle she came round and they could not force her no more and thats how she stayed at home.

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@Vonde i am so sorry that happened it sounds awful!
My mum was adamant that she wanted to stay at home she said no to any hospitals or anyone else to come into the house. I listened to her wishes and went along with what she wanted, but then things took a turn for the worse and she started gasping i had no other choice but to try and save her by calling an ambulance.

The ambulance came and they deemed her incapable of making her own decision so they took her away and she passed away in hospitial early the next morning.

Turns out she died of septic shock, i thought she just had low blood sugar as she was diabetic. I guess now i will always live with the question could i have done more?

Exactly how things could have happened for me .
My partner was also diabetic type 1 since age of 12.
She refused hospital and medication. She died with sepsis.

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@Vonde im so sorry to hear that, its so difficult losing a loved one, thats why i write poetry to try and manage my emotions.

I am still learning to accept she is gone, so i can deal with the grief. Having people to talk to really helps.

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What a lovely poem and fully understand how you feel. Lost my dearest wife 17 months ago after 53 years of wonderful marriage. The pain doesn’t ease but the love just gets stronger. God Bless.

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