My aunt died

My aunt was diagnosed with cancer and died 11 days later. I am struggling with so many different emotions. It is harder because :

  1. My husband’s dad passed away the previous week, so he and my son are grieving. Therefore I don’t feel I can speak to them.
  2. My mum is currently in Thailand, so I have had to help my aunt’s husband organise the funeral.
  3. My uncle (aunt’s brother) is not coping.
  4. I am worried about my aunt’s husband and brother - it was such a shock.
    I can’t believe she is dead…we were told she had sciattica…11 days.
    I keep just repeating that to myself…11 days. I am
    struggling to focus.

hi Marie im so sorry for your loss sounds like you are trying to look after everyone. deal with one thing at a time one day at a time your husband and son are still grieving for your husbands father so he will need you you uncle needs to be the one who sorts out nost of your aunts funeral with your support of course he will know what she wanted and didnt want and it will keep him occupied perhaps your aunts brother could be involved so it will keep him occupied aswell just ideas x my husband passed away 9 weeks ago tomorrow and even though i was crying constantly all the time i had to sort his funeral out which kept me busy i talked and still do all the time about him and to him im not hoing to kid you its not getting any easier it will take a long time xx you will find comfort and support on this site you will have a sea of emotions its all part of the grieving process everyone on here are going through all of these emotions … here if you need a chat take care thinking of you and sending a big hug love jo xx

Hi MarieLouise. A difficult time for you trying to be all things to all people. Your relatives are all grieving, as are you, however perhaps they may feel able and wanting to contribute ideas if you all meet up together? In a few weeks time they may wish they’d had an input…which you are inviting them to do. All the best. X

Dear Marie
You are going through a very stressful time.
Do you have anyone to support you?
Have you thought about grief counselling?
They can give you the support you need.
You have already make the right choice by joining the group.
There are many of us going through the same emotional struggle.
Although every one’s grief is personal to them,just as we all grieve differently.
My condolences to you.
I hope that you get the emotional support you need.