My baby boy aged 21 years

Taken so suddenly no goodbye, an RTA took his life almost 7 months ago. He didn’t do anything wrong but ended up the only one hurt. Life is so unfair and everyday is a struggle, miss him so much to not hear his laugh or love for life in the house is not getting any easier. Having gone back to work I’m struggling big time with Job, time management, energy and the reason why I work. Lack of sleep where it goes over in my head every night, crying until I fall asleep for a few hours.

I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. You’re right, life is very unfair. It’s very understandable that you’re struggling at the moment, it must be so difficult for you.
Do you have anyone close to you that you can turn to for support or talk to?

There are lots of wonderful supportive people in the community who will understand what you’re going through. You are not alone.

Please keep talking to us and take care for now. Trudy x

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I have been looking at your post for what seems an age through tears, I have no words to say, I lost my wife a month ago and she was only 49, I can not imagine how you feel, but I can say that this forum is a comfort because we all share your grief, and I have been guided through these unimaginable few weeks.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your son and the tragic circumstance of how it happened,I know how you must be feeling for I too lost my son very suddenly and so unexpected just before Christmas 2017…the shock was overwhelming and I was in disbelief at first then reality set in,his funeral was on the 21st December…life is unfair but somehow we have to carry on…coming on this forum helps slightly, so many other Mothers have lost Sons and Daughters we are all feeling the same heartache and it does help to be able to discuss everything…Take care…with love Marina xx

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Talking to a counsellor helped me a bit . Only a bit because nothing can stop the pain you’re going through, but even if it helps to dull it even by the smallest fraction it might be worth a try . When my youngest son died almost 3 years ago I felt exactly the same as you do now . I wasnt sure at times whether I could go on but I did mainly because of my other son, and to a lesser degree my wider family and my friends too I suppose . Time won’t end the pain , I know it’ll be with me until I die , but it gets slightly easier to deal with as time passes and counselling helped me a bit at a time when even the smallest morsel of pain relief was vital . Paul

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Thanks sorry for the length of time to reply, I couldn’t get back on the site.

After loosing my beautiful Son age 21 last July , I have days where I just don’t know if I can go on but have to as I have an equally gorgeous 17 year old Daughter ! My Son had a tragic fall down some brick stairs so the shock of him being taken so needlessly has been overwhelming unbearable ! Talking 2 others who have empathy helps so much!

I agree. We wouldn’t wish what we’ve been through on anyone but knowing there are others in the same situation somehow helps a bit . Nick is always with me, in my head and in my heart and will be so for ever and beyond . We remember them with love and pride , for the impact they had on our lives and the lives of those that knew them .

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