My baby boy

I had to give birth to my baby boy at 21 weeks knowing he would be sleeping. Knowing I’ll never get to hear him cry, laugh, talk. Knowing I’ll never get to hear his first words or watch him take his first steps, or teach him new things. I lost the little family we were just starting. It was all we ever dreamed of and it was taken away from us so quickly. Everything just feels like a blur. I don’t know how to cope with it or deal with it or do anything. I just wish I could have done something but there’s nothing I could have done.

I am not in the same situation as you but I’m so so sorry for your loss xx

I’m so sorry for your terrible loss. I hope you’re getting the right support and love from friends and family. Take each hour at a time- just get through the next hour and perhaps meditate. I am calmed by meditating.

I lost my son Henry last year - he was 30. He’ll always be in my heart and I love him now as I’ve always done. You will always have your son with you too.

Life’s so unfair and it deals us some terrible cards :cry: but it also can be amazing. Be kind to yourself my friend. I hope you find some peace and eventually acceptance.

Hugs and warm wishes

Thank you for your kind comments.
I have the love and support of my partner and family. Looking into counselling to help us through it. We don’t talk about it much. But have our okay days and harder days. I feel guilty for not talking about it and about Jacob. Our boy. But I don’t want to upset others by talking about it.
I’m sorry for your loss also.
I’ve never looked into meditation before but I will.

Jemmajayne 90

Jacob is a lovely name. Your son will always be with you, in your heart. Moving on is something people expect us to do and in a way we do, we move on from the tragedy that befell us but our lost children come with us, they are never left forgotten.

I talk about Henry whenever I feel I need to because I still love him and mourn him. Don’t hold back on talking when you want to. People are nervous around us as crying makes people uncomfortable which is a shame. Tears are healing.

Warm regards