My beautiful angel

In a weeks time on the 26th of February it will have been a year since I gave birth to my beautiful sleeping angel, it would be his first birthday… born sleeping due to placenta abruption at 9 month pregnant​:confounded: it has changed me as a person… it has broken me in so many ways… carrying my little boy, building such a beautiful bond with him the connection we had built already and the little guy wasn’t even in the world yet​:dizzy_face: I guess I need someone to talk to… someone who will maybe understand how it feels to go through such a traumatic experience to loose such a beautiful angel without even meeting him first​:confounded: without being able to hear him cry as he entered the world​:confounded: being told his heart beat has stopped​:confounded: it’s honestly life threatening I haven’t been the same since no matter how hard I try get my life back on track I don’t feel I can​:confounded: please someone help me​:confounded::broken_heart:


Dear @Jaspers24

I can see that you are new to the community. I hope you find it to be of support and comfort to you, but I am so sorry for the loss of your baby son that brings you here. Thank you for bravely reaching out.

Many of our members have experienced the devastating loss of a child and will understand some of what you are going through. You may want to reach out to these organisations, too.

Sands is an organisation which will be of support to you. They offer support on the loss a baby. They have a Grief Chat, free helpline on 0808 164 3332, and online community. It would be worth taking a look at the website.

  • Child Bereavement UK support families with the loss of a child. They also support bereaved children. You can call their helpline on 0800 02 888 40.
  • The Compassionate Friends support families who have lost a child of any age. You can call them on 0345 123 2304

For someone to talk to there is the Samaritans on 116 123 which is a free and confidential service and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I would like to share some Sue Ryder resources which can help you cope with grief.

Thank you again for bravely reaching out, this is not always easy. You are not alone. We are all here to support you.

Take care.


I’m so very sorry for your tragic loss. To have those precious months bonding with your beautiful baby boy, to then experience such a profound loss & sadness is truly devastating. I understand as im heartbroken & devastated after losing my precious boy suddenly age 22 years old. He passed away in his sleep, with no cause found. I will never get over it & never be the same again.
I hope you will get some comfort here & hopefully not feel alone. Sending hugs :broken_heart::blue_heart:

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Thankyou so much rach25, it really means a lot​:broken_heart: honestly it’s so hard doesn’t get any easier it’s his birthday on Sunday too the fact he wasn’t here to take his first breath, but also isn’t here to celebrate his first birthday breaks my heart every day just wish I could swap places he has his whole life ahead of him​:broken_heart::blue_heart: I was 9 month 1 week pregnant and it happened all of a sudden he was healthy little boy through all my pregnancy his heartbeat was strong it just happened so fast​:broken_heart: the morning i lost him I’d woken up soaking thinking my waters had broke for my partner to tell me it was blood my heart broke I was crying and bleeding I’d lost 6 pints of blood but still felt my baby moving in me during this… my partner called the ambulance and with them asking about covid they took 45 minutes to come out and I lost my little boy to placenta abruption​:broken_heart::blue_heart:

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I am so so sorry for your tragic loss it really is so cruel. Losing our precious children is so incredibly painful & heartbreaking. I miss & yearn for my precious son every second of every day :broken_heart: