My Beautiful boy

My son Ollie died on 2/8

He was 16. He was my absolute sunshine, the dearest, happiest sweetest soul.

He had special needs and I was his carer as well as his mum.

I feel like everything has been pulled out from under me as I’m not only utterly heartbroken, my days now have no meaning or structure as my days were built around him.

It is only my amazing younger son that is keeping me from hiding away in bed 24/7

I know it is early days but I can’t help feeling I will never feel better. I was such a happy, positive person and was so happy with my life and now everything feels so bleak


I am so sorry to read your story. I lost my 19 year old daughter in May. My daughter had Autism and some physical disabilities. I was her carer as well and I can’t believe how painful the grief is. Just getting through each day is so difficult. I think we will be suffering for a long time yet, and will always have sadness, but hope there will be some respite from this grief in time. I am just trying to keep busy. Its a distraction only that but it helps. Connecting with others in the same position also helps. Andy Xx


I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I hope for you, too, you are able to find happiness in time x

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Hi sorry to hear about your son ollie. It’s a nightmare.i lost my 20 year old son in march on my birthday. He had generalised dystonia. And aspiration pneumonia. It were neurological. This condition started in his teenage years. No known cause. I’ve currently an investigation going on into his death as I feel it could of been prevented. I’m also on compassionate friends website… there really good. Grief is exhausting. I try walk when I can. My son James had autism as does his twin brothers aged 28. My heart goes out to you. We are receiving bereavement counselling through the hospice. One day at a time. Big hugs xx