My Beautiful Boy

I lost my beautiful Rob suddenly 2 weeks ago he collapsed at home, he was 25. I cannot describe the pain I feel. I feel physically ill and drained. Has anyone else felt like this?

I’m so sorry to hear that you lost Rob. So so sad. I too lost my daughter 36 suddenly 7 weeks ago. It is the most unbelievable shock and so cruel isn’t it?
I think what you are feeling is understandable and many in our situation will have experienced the same. It is very raw right now, a bit like every part of mind and body are on high alert 24/7. I have never been so exhausted in my life and I ache.
The only thing I find helps the ache is walking. I have also had some counselling which helps the thoughts a bit.
Sorry again and my thoughts are with you and all of us that are suffering these dreadful losses.

So sorry i know its horrendous ,I think losing a child is in a league of its own. I lost my son Luke he was 27 he died 8 weeks ago in Bulgaria. It does make you feel ill and lost, I try to think that my son was a gift even if it was for a short time and I like to think hes continuing his journey someplace better. Its a painfully slow process but its early days still.

I’m so sorry. There are no words to explain how we feel. My daughter Megan passed away unexpectedly 6 weeks ago to sudden unexspectad death in epilepsy even though she only was diagnosed last October, had no more seizures then the one she had 31st August this year then took her life. We’re still in total disbelief.
My thoughts are with you all.
Sending (((hugs)))
Teresa xx

I know how you feel I lost my only child Daniel on the 24th November 2016 suddenly from a blood clot after an operation I’m so lost without him I cry all the time life has stopped for me

Thank you Teresa. Life is surreal at the moment as I am sure it still is for you x

I’m sending you (((hugs))) I’m so sorry. I’m in total disbelief. I don’t see a future anymore. .
Teresa xx

Sending Big (((hugs))) I’m so sorry . . Keep talking whenever you can, I find it helps xx

So sorry for your loss. It’s been 6 months for me. I lost my beautiful son Tynam to suicide. I’m starting counselling soon. Although all I want is a miracle that would bring my boy home :heart::heart::heart:

I’m so so sorry to hear about your son. What you’re feeling has been felt by all of us. It’s very early days for you and you will still be in shock. My son died suddenly in July and although I felt the awful pain I think it takes a few weeks for the reality to start. I felt really scared and vulnerable. I didn’t want to meet people. I couldn’t remember anything. The exhaustion is bad. Grief is very physical. I think the best support comes from people who are on this journey to. Keep talking on here because we all understand. Thinking of you x

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Thank you so much for your reply. It helps to know that others are feeling the same and I am not going mad. Everyone is very kind but they just can’t understand what it feels like.
Jackie x

Thank you it helps to know that others have experienced that same and I am not alone x

Yes everyone around me has been very good but unless you experience this yourself you can’t really understand. I miss my son so much, I’d give anything to speak to him again. But I have to find a way to accept that isn’t going to happen. Don’t be afraid to cry, to be kind to yourself and talk about your son all the time. Geraldine x

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