My beautiful daughter

I lost my lovely Jay on the 20th August this year. She died in intensive care. They stopped treatment after 4 days. She was 34. She only went in for a chest infection as she suffered from a lung condition caused from being premature. She has nothing more than someone with asthma. We never thought she would die. She was my world. I cry everyday nearly all day. How does someone move on from this. Her funeral was beautiful she had her purple coffin favourite colour and her favourite songs. Was the worse day for me but we did her proud. I’m finding it harder as days go on. I’m just so heart broken and feel life will never get any better.

Hello Megz
I’m so sorry that you lost Jay. It is a parent’s worse nightmare. It truly does feel that way.
I too lost my daughter in August. She was 36 and although she had been very poorly at times over the years this was totally unexpected as things had appeared to be on the up.
I find that I talk about her, and about my feelings, continually to my family. I also have counselling which helps but of course will not solve the problem, which is of course that we want it not to have happened.

It does not feel possible that we can be writing about our children in this context does it?
I’m sorry I have no idea how we go forward or get through this but I have subconsciencely divided my day in to three. I try to know what I will be doing in each one, although I have no interest in anything, then I look to the next part but no further than that.
I am angry, sad, exhausted and all of the things that people talk about.
We miss our children and this is so unfair for them isn’t it?
There are so many clichès that dont really help and i think the best be can try for right now is just to survive.
Will think of you.

Dear Megz

So sorry that you have lost your beautiful daughter…children leaving this world before their parents never seems in accordance with the order of life and that makes grief even harder.
Please look at some of the other threads which other bereaved parents have posted…everyone on this site does their best to support each other and there are many posters holding out their hands.
My thoughts are with you and your family…try to take care and take tiny steps…grief never leaves us but it does change with time.x

Thank you for the kind words. I am as you said trying to survive. Your obviously as devastated as myself. How did this happen ? I also am thinking of you and send strength x

I am trying the tiny steps and some days it works but then others I can’t even breath, thank you for the lovely message. I’m trying to look at the other messages also. X