My beautiful daughter

My daughter was a typical child until the age of 16 when she fell ill. Seeing your amazing child lose all her abilities and then watch her die an absolutely horrific death. Choking and gasping for breath for the last two weeks of her life was unbearable. Two years later i am still struggling to cope and every now and again i start crying because the grief over whelm’s me. Is this normal or am I being a drama queen as I feel like people look at me like I should be over it by now

Why wouldn’t the grief overwhelm you? To lose your child is the worse thing that could ever happen. You take as much time as you need and don’t question it.
My daughter was fine until she was 18 and then never right again. It is coming up for a year now. Although I am functioning to a point it is as raw as ever, and totally the wrong order.
Have had some counselling? I found that helped. The most useful thing has been the Compassionate Friends. There is really nothing to compare to the empathy from those who truly understand.
Sending you hugs. Xx

We lost our daughter suddenly, six months ago. I can’t imagine ever “being over it”, only bit more used to it with time. Helen was a loving, intelligent, hard working young woman and her loss is incalculable both to her family, and to the wider world.
Why should we feel accepting and resigned? I hope that all of us may feel the pain less sharply some day but I don’t believe that there’s anything self indulgent in our grief.
Take care and I hope life may feel a little easier for you soon,
J xx

Hi yovnneg
Its been a year thatnmy daughter passed she had had many heart surgeries and was in a wheelchair but incredibly clever funny and happy. I can understand what you mean people don’t seem to understand how we feel ever single day. I was my daughter’s full time carer we was with each over 24/7. And I loved doing things with her. That has all finished for me people don’t get it. I seem to try and explain but people are quick to say the same old sayings times a healer she was a poorly girl. For us this haschappenedcour world gone how we loved it to be how can things just suddenly get better for us. I even wonder how I’ve been without her beside me for a year. But still I have the disbelief. So dont listen topeople who don’t really understand. You work along this path we have found ourselves on your pace and how you want to every step. X

Hi…ur very normal I break down lot …it’s good to have a cry to let the stress go please don’t feel bad or hold it in…it’s a horrid burden…I whish I new how to cope some times life’s like a yo yo. Be strong. Sending hugs.x

Hi,just to say I no that you will never be over it,its other people who have a problem not you .its been 8 and a half years for me and still I’m not coping. X

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