My beautiful girl

I lost my daughter aged 26 in a car accident 3 months ago.
She had only just left a toxic relationship with a coercive controlling ex partner. I believe he was giving her mental abuse on the hands free while she was driving. I only had her back 5 days.
He killed her!!

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Dear @Mo1967

I apologise for the delay in responding. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter, there are no words to describe the loss of losing your child. I hope you find the community to be of support and comfort to you.

I would like to share a few resources with you that may be of help and support to you at this time.

You can also connect with members here who have been in a similar situation as yourself by typing in the search bar Loss of a Daughter, the support here is amazing.

It might be helpful to make an appointment with your doctor to see what kind of support they can offer you and let them know how you are feeling, there might be local support groups in your area that you could join.

Thank you for reaching out, it is not always easy to do this, you are not alone, we are all here for you.

Take care.


Mo 1967 after reading your text about your lovely daughter my heart goes out to you.God life is so very cruel at times for this to happen to your daughter after all she had been through doesnt bear thinking about.My experience of losing my hubby and son quite different but I know you will be going over and over in your head everything that happened.I hope you have some support to help you.Thou I know its something you will never come to terms with.My love and best wishes to you xxx

Hi mo I’m so sorry for your loss. How heartbreaking for you all I can do is send you my love and for you to take it one day at a time. I lost my daughter Leah a year ago tomorrow it’s gut wrenching love take care mo keep coming on here for support XX :heart:

@Mo1967 I’m so so sorry for your loss. Sending love & strength from Ryan’s mum forever 22 :blue_heart::broken_heart: