My beautiful mum

Hello I lost my mum just over 14 week ago unexpectedly & I’ve not cope well since :pensive: today is my birthday & as much as my beautiful family have made it such a good day I’m absolutely heartbroken mums not here to share this day with me! I just feel totally lost & alone not sure where to go from here :pensive::pensive:

Hi jayne
I lost my mum 7 and a half months ago very suddenly and I am nowhere near accepting her death or coping with it. It’s my birthday this weekend and I just dont even want anyone to mention it. My first birthday without my mum and i still cant believe it.
I will have to pretend to be having a nice day for my daughter who is 12 and my partner.
My sister messaged me and said she has got me a present and asked if I’m doing anything nice, and all I wanted to say is, no I’m not! Our mum has died. Have you forgotten?
I’m tired of being sad and miserable so, jayne, you are not alone.
Cheryl x

Yes I felt exactly the same didn’t want any fuss but have for my two little girls! I know it’s still early days but I just can’t see a way of ever gettin over losin such a big part of my life! Xx

I agree jayne. What happened to your mum? My mum had a massive brain hemorrhage while she was in the recovery room having had a routine operation.
I was on the way to collect her and take her home and when I turned up she was in a coma. We turned her life support off the following day

She had colitis had to have her bowel removed but having had a stroke 12 years prior she has health issues! She made the operation but her recovery was just too much for her she had sepsis & organ failure so unfortunately we had to let her go :sob::sob::sob:

Its rubbish isnt it. Still cant believe they have gone.
Sorry jayne x

So many dates cause so much pain. Mother’s Day. Birthdays, Xmas. Etc. A stark reminder they are not here. Sorry for your loss. I lost mum on 26th August last year. I miss her so much she was 70. Just can’t believe I will never see her again. Miss her little face. :heart::heart:

so young Jooles :broken_heart:

Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m going through something similar, I lost my mum in January and I’m struggling to cope. It’s seems so unfair and I feel so alone.

You are not alone DWR6989. Come here and chat with people who understand how raw it all feels.

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It’s nice to talk to people on here who really understand. Sometimes I feel fine the others I just feel like I want to be with her

Hi Jayne
I’m sorry to hear this ,
I lost my mum 5 weeks ago and I’m finding it so hard , as we have this coronavirus going on and we all have to self isolation I’m on my own grieving , we had a private funeral last week with just myself and brother along with mums husband to was horrible I just want to see my grandparents and auntie to hug and kiss x