My beautiful sis

I lost my sister my best friend in the world . The night before we went to watch a abba show and the last words she said to me was love ya sis . She went out for a walk the next morning with her husband and had a heart attack my world has crumbled and struggling to cope without her it’s her first birthday Tuesday that I’ve not shared with her just feeling so lost

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Hi @Sue1969 ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,


I dont have many wise words but to say i get it. My sister died very suddenly 8 months ago and even now im feeling completely lost.

Youre not alone, and youre not crazy (i only say that because thats how i felt and still feel at times). The firsts are hard. My sisters birthday wasnt long after she died. Its ok just to feel whatever you feel xx

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thank you for your message is so hard i thought after 9 months i would start to get my act together but seems much harder than i thought she was my best friend hopefully after we have her birthday and christmas it might get easier hope you are doing ok sending love

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I am so sorry for your loss i lost my only sibling my younger brother Feb 14th to cancer. I am heartbroken, I know how you feel and how hard it is. I buried my brother on his 58th birthday. This will be the first Xmas without him, I don’t have any interest in Xmas now. I send you best wishes, hoping that some day it will get easier for us all. We will never forget but may accept, that itself is hard to do. I can’t see myself ever accepting.


Im having the same issue with christmas. I dont care. I hadnt realised how central my sister was to it. Im a music teacher so the kids are wild for christmas and i just dont care.

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Thank you for your message and so sorry for you loss it’s so hard today is my sister’s birthday and spent it with her children trying be be a good auntie but inside I am broken just be glad when this year is over take care xxx

It’s so sad but as much as we don’t want to celebrate it we will put that front on as my sister would say put ya big girl pants on I hope you try and have a good one take care x

Thank you Sue 1969, kids love Xmas. I don’t have kids. But I used to babysit years ago and Xmas was really nice. My brother lived at home with me he loved Xmas. But I can’t bring myself to enjoy this year. I hope yours is nice.

Yes the kids love Xmas, I wish you a peaceful, nice Xmas, or as best you can enjoy it

My children are grown up this year is going to be so different as we spent it with my sister and father in law for many year but they both passed this year hopefully next year will be easier for us both next year take care

Im so sorry my younger Sister died suddenly 28th December (she was 53) we had a lovely Christmas Day as always had no idea that 3 days later she would pass away we spent most Christmases together with our Mum and our families i really dont know how im going to cope this year without her xxx

So sorry for your loss everyday is so hard I just want this year to disappear

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I am sorry for the sudden loss of your sister. I can relate. I lost my older sister a few weeks ago. She had an anaphylactic reaction to a wasp sting. It will be 2 months on Boxing Day and I’m just dreading Christmas.

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Thankyou its so hard trying to be brave i really love Christmas but this year im dreading it but my Sister wouldnt want me to be sad so im going to smile and try to make it a special day Xxx

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I know that feeling well my sisters children are all going away to get away from it all so it’s going to be even harder . My sister loved nothing more than us all together at Christmas sending love x

That is so sad and really feel for you I don’t know how we will all get through Christmas but I know my sister will be looking down on me saying smile xxx

Its so good having people to talk to who understand the pain and heartache thankyou so much for being there and im here for you too :heart::heart::heart:

Goodness that is so sad. Thinking of you. Xxx

Gem66 I am so sorry for your loss, i too dreading xmas. I lost my only sibling Feb 14th to Lung Cancer. He was all i had. Thinking of you , this is a really nice group. Hugs to you