My beautiful Sister died suddenly on New Years Eve

It has been 4 and a bit days since my wonderful Sister, my best friend was found dead in her bathroom. We were alerted when her husband couldnt reach her on his mobile. My step dad was forced to break a window to gain entry to the house and it’s then that he found her. We are still awaiting results of the post-mortem so no cause of death yet.
I am still in shock I think and move from sort of okay to crazy lunatic to shaking tearful mess. I feel detatched from everything and everybody at times and havent changed my clothes since it happened. I haven’t showered and I don’t really see much point. I live with my Step dad and my 81 yr old mother who has lost a daughter. It feels completely unreal, unfair and the pain is indescribable. I’ve been reading some of the posts on here and I’m so terribly sad and sorry for what you are all going through. I don’t know how anyone survives this.

I’m so sorry for your loss @Sharonssister, I unfortunately know how you feel having lost my twin sister suddenly in October when she was killed by another driver.
It really is a pain like I could never have imagined, it’s shattered my whole world and I’m sorry you’re going through this trauma.
I found after a couple of weeks the shock faded but the pain is still there of course, you will get more answers and although it won’t make it easier I found knowing more information slowed the constant thoughts making me feel mad - asking myself how, why, when etc over and over.
Sending you strength x

Thank you @Tillwemeetagain @Heart.Broken for your kind words. Your strength astounds me. In the midst of this terrible pain you have taken the time to comfort me. It means a lot and I appreciate it so much x My thoughts and prayers are with you both xxx


I lost my sister in 2020 April. I didn’t stop shaking and crying for weeks. The pain of looseing her, she was just 50 was like haveing my heart ripped out stamped on popped back in and then I was expected to get on with my day.

I cannot imagine you’re shock at looseing you’re sister that suddenly. We’d just 14 weeks from diagnosis to death for my sister and that was shocking enough.

It does get a little easier, I thought it never would. You learn to beleive in the new reality. The pain never goes, the tears still come but it passes faster so you can do normal things.

Thank you @Paula51. I couldn’t be more sorry to hear of your loss. I’m glad to hear that despite the terrible grief I’m sure you’re still experiencing that you have managed to find a “new normal”. I feel as if I’m in a nightmare that there’s no waking from. Thank you for sharing your sad story with me, it gives me hope that it may not always be this way. My heart goes out to you as does my gratitude xx

I too felt I was in a nightmare. My sister had a brain tumour, in fact its a year today 6th Jan that she was taken into hospital giving a mri scan and we got the news. It was a horrendous shock, she passed away on the 26th April. Hell doesn’t even start to touch what she and the family went through.

It nearly killed my parents.
I couldn’t eat weight fell off me I couldn’t sleep. When she died I was there. My world just stopped.

If you’re anything like me I bet you’re trying to be strong in front of you’re mum and dad I know I was I didn’t want them to know how devestated I was, I’d to be strong for them. Behind closed doors though I was a utter mess.

People focus in on the widow of the deceased, the children, the parents they often over look the devestation a sibling goes through. Our worlds are rocked. Everything I imagined in years, to come involved my sister being there.