My beloved mum.

My beloved mum passed away in the early hours of Monday 25th January. She died at home receiving palliative care. I was able to visit her over the last few days of her fight against cancer, to provide love, light and comfort. Two days before she passed, her eyes turned blue, she has always had hazel eyes. Before she sadly passed she lost her sight and the ability to open her eyelids. I was very shocked and unprepared for the shock of this change in her eyes and found it very distressing. Is this usual and does anyone know why it happens please?

Hello, I am so sorry for the loss of your mum. I have lost my mum so I understand how you are feeling. It is such a blessing you were able to be with your mum for her passing. I was not and I feel so guilty that I couldn’t get there in time. I lost my husband last August and when I saw him the day before he died his eyes seemed to have changed colour. Going from green to a blue shade, I don’t know why though. Stay strong. X

Thank you for your kind words. I wasn’t actually with her when she passed away, but we had managed to visit her, so that her dying wishes were granted. To be at home with her three daughters and her husband. I am sure this will give me comfort in the coming years, still feeling very raw and hasn’t really sunk in yet. I feel a little lost and vulnerable. Please don’t feel guilty I am sure your mum knew that you loved her. You have been two huge bereavements, I hope you find light, hope and love in your life.

Thank you. Someone once told me, where there is great love, there is great grief, they wasnt wrong. Yes I have lost my soul mate too and I’m struggling big time xx

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My mother passed on 8/11/2020 due to terminal cancer and was in palliative care.
I was with her every day for the week leading until the moment she went. She was hallucinating, and her eyes (usually Crystal blue) turned grey, and i believe this down to her alternative / lack of vision. Perhaps the same for your mum?
I am so deeply sorry for your loss, and I am sending not only well wishes but positive thoughts. Please reach out if you would like. We could always use a friend that’s not family sometimes.

Dear Laura,

Thank you for making contact. It is such a terribly huge loss. I really don’t know what I am going to do without her? I am finding it very hard to accept that she has gone, she went home for end of life care, having been in intensive care in hospital. Where she also got COVID, my dad who insisted on having her home and was willing to take the risk for her, so that her wishes were fulfilled, now has Covid and is stuck at home with no one to care for him. Such a horrendous time.
I do hope you can find some peace of mind and will son start to heal.