My bereaved partner feels he can’t talk me

My partner feels he can’t speak to me about his grief.

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@Wp1298 there may be many reasons why he doesn’t want to share his feelings. Perhaps he’s still trying to make sense of it himself or is worried he might upset you? Everyone feels grief in their own way and in their own time. As long as you’re able to offer support and understanding, without expectations, in time he may feel able to open up. Best wishes xx

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Men deal with grief differently than women, I have not cried since losing my Joan 10 months ago, I think that once I start I’ll never stop. The old saying that men don’t show their true feelings may apply to your man, leave him alone for a while he may talk once he’s sorted his feelings out in his mind, tell him that when he’s ready to talk you will be there for him.


He may be trying to understand and come to terms with his own grief and not feel able to understand or articulate his feelings, at least not yet ! I can relate to that from the time my mother passed away.

I would definitely encourage him to get some professional support if he feels unable to discuss his grief with you, please do not feel hurt or offended by that.

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He clearly loves you and knows normal life can be difficult… he holds it in to protect you. If you can show him away of seeing that you are completely coping with the day to day… he may feel ok and it’s time… grief is a waiting game for everyone involved…it will come. You just being there will be enough.x