My Birthday & Father's day- the same day

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has any advice how I can navigate through my birthday and father’s day (which happen to be on the same day this year).

I lost my Dad 6 months ago and it is still so devastatingly painful for me. He was one of the most important people in my life and was still relatively young when he passed (63). Father’s Day was going to be bad enough, but when I realised it falls on my birthday this year I have found myself dreading that day.

This is the first big event since Dad passed and I will find it very difficult and painful to muster some happiness to celebrate my birthday, knowing it is the same day as father’s day.

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Hi @Veradis

Sorry for your loss :heart:

What do you usually do for father’s day? Maybe you could do the same but a bit of a memorial where you all share memories or start a new tradition on father’s day?

Maybe celebrate father’s day in the morning, you could write you dad a nice card or letter and read it out to him either at home or where he is resting and then celebrate you birthday in the afternoon.

Or you could have father’s day as fathers day and celebrate your birthday on a different day.

There’s no right or wrong way to do any of it. Maybe talk to a friend or family to come up with ideas.

Hope this helps. Sending hugs :hugs: