My birthday

Tomorrows my 53rd birthday and it’s 4 weeks since I lost my beautiful Mum. She always started the day for me by singing Happy Birthday down the phone, I’m going to miss that so much. Dad has sent me a card from both him and Mum. I just want to know how I’m supposed to enjoy this day now Mums gone. I need to for my children but where do I get the strength when the feeling ofloss is do strong?

Dear @Nettie3070

I apologise for the delay in replying. Happy birthday for today which I know will be very hard for you.

You will find the strength to get through today as your mum will be in your heart. You could look through old photos or even write your mum a letter today, letting all your emotions out and attaching the letter to a balloon and letting it go.

Try to keep busy and enjoy the day as your mum would want you to.

Take care.


Hi and happy birthday, I just wish I could sing it down to phone, not that I can hold a note but I still wish. You will have got on with the day not just because of the children but because you are a nurse and that’s what we are taught to do when training, brave face and all that.
Happy Birthday and blessings being sent along with hugs. S xxxx