My bunny Oreo has gone

hi everyone, on Tuesday 14/05/24 at 8 dad called me down as my bunny Oreo was doing something weird, I came downstairs and his head was tilted so I stroked him and no response and I lifted him out the hutch and he was laying on the floor, tilted head, left eye just wondering and he was jolting then stop, having fits, I cuddled him and he just kept jolting. I rang the vets crying and panicking and they said we need him in now. Sister drove me and it took 25 mins due to traffic. Went in crying, gave Oreo to the vets and I sat in a room. 5 mins later the vet came in and I knew by the look what I had to do. Basically, he had a parasite in his brain so he had no idea where he was basically he was in a coma, he was filled with so much love and joy. He heard me screaming to stay with me and that I love him and he had no idea what’s doing on as he was dreaming basically and that has broke me even more but I knew the best thing was to put him to sleep. My sister came in to say goodbye and he was put to sleep at 9:20 on Tuesday morning. My Oreo is gone and I’m struggling so much. He is my first own pet and he was only 4 and a half. He was filled with so much love and joy and he really loved me and my other bun Summer and Ofc, I love him with all my heart and more. I am struggling on how to deal with grief. I haven’t eaten since Monday lunch time and I’ll feel guilty if I do eat or drink. I’m hardly sleeping as everytime I close my eyes, my brain goes back to tuesdsy morning


Hi, I’m so sorry that you’ve lost dear Oreo and in such an awful way. That’s so hard for you and he was quite a young rabbit with his life ahead of him. No wonder you can’t eat or sleep, it’s been such a traumatic time for you and your family. I’m a bunny rescue ‘mum’ so I understand how you must be feeling as I’ve lost rabbits too. All of our rabbits have been adopted from rescue. They’re so much part of your family and you feel their loss so much.

I lost my one of my buns, Mr P, just days after my mum’s funeral. He was older than Oreo, was aged 7. He died of shock after fireworks were being let off near our garden and never recovered. I hate Bonfire Night now, it reminds me of losing him. My other buns died due to illness. One of my buns, Joey, became really ill quickly and I had to take him to the vets and leave him in their care. He died suddenly after becoming very distressed and I wasn’t even able to there with him, which pains me a lot as he was my ‘wee boy’. We still have 2 bunny girls aged 5 and love the joy they give our family.

Please be kind to yourself and know that Oreo was well loved and cared for. You would have given him so much happiness and, in a world where rabbits are often misunderstood as pets, that’s so important. Feeling such grief for a much loved pet is completely normal. You loved Oreo very much. Could you in time, when you are feeling a bit stronger, maybe buy a lovely personalised picture frame with his name on on it and place a favourite photo inside? I’ve got Mr P’s photo in a lovely frame, has pride of place so we see him every day and talk often about him. God, how we miss him. He was such fun, made us laugh with his antics.

If you ever need to chat more, you know you can message me. Please take care xx


Thank you so much for your kind words. I really needed to hear that. I am struggling so much and I feel like no one in my family are supporting me. I had today off work, Wednesday I went home at 3 and yesterday a half a day and I’m off today as my manager understands and has no issue with me being off which I’m thankful for. Yesterday when I came home at lunch time from work, my mum came back home and just said ‘oh, did you get sent home again I’m guessing?’ And I told her that manager is fine and stuff and she just tut and walked away mumbling. I went to shower as I just needed to cry alone. I looked up on how to deal with grief as I’ve never felt like this before. My dad came home a little later and we have 2 other bunnies, the family bunny called Ralph and he’s 7/8 years old and my Summer who turned 2 last month. My Oreo and Summer got along so well so I think she’s starting to realise that Oreo isn’t coming back and that is also hurting me so much. I’m spending so much time with her. She is a bit flinchy and always has been when we stroke her but since Oreo hasn’t been round, she’s got a little better and I’m hoping it’s because she needs someone like me. I feel like she’s the only thing that’s keeping me here as I don’t want her to look her bunny mummy and her best friend. My dad came home and we have to give the other bunnies this medicine from a syringe and I was trying to get my summer but she hates getting picked up and I was trying to get her and my dad goes ‘stop chasing me, you killed my best friend’ and that broke me, I told my dad to shut up like I’m not blaming myself enough. Gave her the medicine, told my dad I am not at work today and he snapped going ‘you’re gonna get sacked because of a dead rabbit’ and I just bit back and just said they can’t sack me for using holiday. I said night and went upstairs and I just cried and cried. My boyfriend is being an absolute god send to me, he’s ordered me a pillow of my favourite photo of my Oreo which will be arriving early next week so I’ll have endless cuddles.

I’m so sorry for your losses. I don’t like bonfire night but I don’t understand how people can be so inconsiderate for pets. Bunnies are easily scared. I know they do silent fireworks and I just wish people would use them. But, I do love the names, sooooo cute!!

Thank you for reaching out. I am struggling to deal with grief. I don’t know what to do. It just feels like a dream that he’s gone but now I’m stuck in a nightmare. I’m stuck in a whole I can’t get out of. I’ve reached out to therapists as that’s the only thing I can think of right now.

Thank you, I appreciate it so much right now. Do you have anything to help through the grief? Any help would mean so much right now.

Take care xx

Hi Smithy1,

I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s hard enough dealing with your grief but when those close to you don’t show any understanding, it makes it so much tougher to bear. Pets are still family - having 4 legs and a tail is no different to losing a fellow human loved one, despite what other people might say. The bond is there and, when they leave, you feel it just as hard. Please be gentle on yourself and know that how YOU are feeling IS valid. Oreo was your much loved pet and you are feeling true grief. I felt like this when I lost Joey; bringing his little box back from the vets in the car was one of the saddest things I’ve ever had to do. When I lost Mr P, I was grieving for Mum also, so the pain was twice as hard. Loss is awful, it truly is.

What your dad said was really tactless, especially with the way that you lost Oreo. Even if it wasn’t meant in the way it was said, he should have thought before he spoke. No wonder you’re so upset, I would be too if my dad had said this to me. I think it would help you to talk to other dedicated rabbit owners who have been through loss of their pets. There is a wonderful forum called Rabbits United - They have a section on their forum called Rainbow Bridge. It’s so supportive. Perhaps you could head over and have a look? Even if you don’t feel up to posting right away, just being online with other bunny owners, people who truly ‘get’ rabbits for the lovely animals that they are, might be of comfort to you.

To deal with moments of deep feelings of grief, I would always recommend reading some of Donna Ashworth’s books. I bought ‘Loss’ after losing my mum and it does help. It won’t bring her back, but it helps me to deal with those horrible feelings when they visit me. Another of her lovely books is ‘Wild Hope’. I bought both of them on Amazon.

It’s lovely that your boyfriend has ordered you that pillow with Oreo’s picture on it, that’s so sweet of him. If feel that you can’t talk to your family about Oreo, do talk to him. He sounds very understanding - that’s what you really need right now. Just to be heard. To be listened to. And it’s so good that your employers are being supportive with allowing you time off.

Let me know how you get on, I’m here to chat anytime. Take care xx

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