My Christmas Eve Candle Tribute

My candle is for David --my husband and best friend who passed on 29th July after being diagnosed with cancer just a month before. I miss the simple things like just being together talking, having a cuppa and sitting in the garden .I miss him so much. Love and strength to everyone x


My candle is for my sweetheart, Michael, who passed away 7 weeks ago. I miss him so much.


I have lit my candle for my wife and best friend Nicki, who passed in her sleep on my birthday on 15th July 2020. I miss her every minute of every day, and feel as if my life ended on that day too. I love her dearly, she was and still is the most important person in my life.
My best wishes to everyone.


This is for my husband Robert who passed in October, he loved Xmas. I miss him so much we were married for 49 years xx


I lit my candle for my husband Mike he left me last June and I was my soul mate and best friend as well. Miss our card games we always played at Christmas


I am remembering my beautiful wife, the most wonderful girl who I had the joy to meet way back in 1981 and who then shared the ups and downs with me until this year.
Miss you so much Karen


For my husband Mick love you so much miss you every second


I lit candles for my husband, the unique and wonderful Gerry. We met 29 years ago today and he passed away on 25 th May this year. He will always be the light of my life. All good wishes to everyone on here, may our loved ones give us strength and may we remember more love than we feel pain xx


My candles lit tonight in memory of my brother in law John who passed away three years ago on on the 22nd of December & for my beloved husband Dave who passed 17 th June this year. Miss you so much :disappointed::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


I’m new to the page. My candle was for my dad who died 21 jan 2020 in Thorpe Hall Pboro after a short battle from a Brain Tumour. We loved him dearly and he is greatly missed by his wife, daughter, sons and grandchildren. Last Xmas he hung on to spend a last Xmas with us so it’s painful this year missing him but hope he is now pain free.


Can’t type much today but I did think of my SR friends today a lot. Love and hope to you all.

Mine was for my treasured husband and soul mate René on his birthday today. The light of my life, my sweetheart. Ik hou van je voor altijd xxx Happy Birthday lieverd xxxxxxxx


I did my candle and had a quiet reflective time sending love and thoughts to you all


These candles in memory
My twins
Mum in law
2 aunties
Miss them all so much❤️


Candle from last night …
Merry Christmas & Happy birthday for today to my husband


All beautiful candles but wishing our loved ones were here. I hope each of you got through Christmas Day I found the build up worst then today did shred lots of tears but managing to get through it. Love to all xx


This was a joint effort by two of us, our candles were set up for her late husband 2017, and my deceased wife 2020, I set up a few more for my younger brother 2015, his recently passed son 2020, his daughter and then his wife again, Both 2020. A pretty indecent 2020,
My thoughts and prayers are with those who have shared their stories thoughts and prayers equally for my last 6 months. God bless all.

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