My dad died

My dad died 2 days ago suddenly n im not copin well at all

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So sorry for your loss Shelly. Lost my Dad December 2022. Feels so odd even now. It does get easier the memories stay and that’s so important. Please look after yourself.

Thank u i just wasnt ready happened in 2 days from him havin a cold we saw each other everyday i just feel so lost x

losing a dad is very hard. it is only something you walk through one step at a time. I am truly sorry. I lost mine. it was catastrophic. I got counseling and it helped. I still mourn, ten years on.

@Shellyb Sorry for your loss. My Dad died in March & I remember walking out of the hospital, waiting for my mum to arrive & just breaking down. The first days & weeks are just horrible so don’t expect too much of yourself. You’ll b in a grief bubble as your brain tries to make process this new normal. Feeling you can’t cope is part of it. Have you got a good network of ppl around you? Ppl on here are wonderful as they know how it feels so talking helps. X