My dad grew his wings 💔

My dad died 6 weeks ago. It was expected as he was ill, but he did deteriorate quickly. I held his hand while Mmmm he took his last breath. I’m the youngest out of three, we have a very close family, but my dad was our king! I was his daddy’s girl. The first few weeks went by in a blur, as arrangements had to be made. After the funeral people just seem to expect you to be ok and carry on! I don’t know how though! My emotions are all over the place. I struggle to put one foot in front of the other some days. But I’m a single mum to two and I promised my dad I would take care of my mum, this has helped get through the days, but tbe one person I want to sit and ask for advice, isn’t here anymore! Also I am sick of people asking how I am then proceeding to tell me about when they lost their cat, dog, fish! I know people are trying to help but I feel like screaming at them that ‘I don’t care about their loss! This is my loss and their words are not helping!
I want the world to stop and let me get off :broken_heart:


Hi, I know I shouldn’t say this but you did bring a smile to my face regarding other peoples comments. I think must of us on this site can relate to being told or even asked stupid remarks. Those first few weeks are dreadful, it does get a little better as we learn to accept that this is a new life and understand how to deal with the ups and downs. Having your children can be both good and bad because you have to put on a brave face for them when all you want to do is sit and cry.
Looking at your photo, your dad looks a bungle of fun and I can understand why you miss him but also helping him by knowing you will look after your mum, that’s fantastic of you. You will get through this and please don’t worry about other peoples comments. Take care of yourself and please be kind to yourself, like the advertisement says “you are worth it”. S xxx


Today hasn’t been the best, my eldest sister has taken it upon herself to take my mum here and there, this is fine, but when it gets tough she disappears back into the shadows, I am also hurt that I’ve not been invited along? It’s silly little things like this that are driving me nutty. I know she is probably doing this to give me a break as she knows how much I’ve been doing for my mum, but it’s left me feeling slightly like a mug. As I stated earlier, my emotions are all over, and I really don’t know how to deal with them. I just feel like screaming the house down. I just want to feel normal again! X

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You need to give yourself a break, screaming the house down if you want.
It takes time to come to terms with what has happened and 6 weeks is nothing. You are right that your sister is just trying to give you a break, time to be on your own without your mum being there and she will not be thinking you are a mug, that’s only you. That’s why I say give yourself a break. Go for a walk up to the 5 locks or just walk around on your own if that’s possible.
The big thing with grieving is that it consumes you, every single minute of the day and somehow you have to bet it. I know it’s easier said than done because it never totally goes away and even when you think it’s getting better it can come back and bite you.
For now try to relax, we both live in a beautiful part of the world and if you can get out and enjoy what’s around us it makes such a difference. Blessings to you and your family S xx

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Hi, I can relate to what you are going through as it’s like you have written my story, I too have recently lost my Dad and I’m also the youngest of three, Ipromised my dad I too would look after my mum, who was in hospital when all this was going on, nothing can prepare us for this loss and I’m also struggling but trying to be strong for mum, how do you get through this devastating time ?