My dad passing away

My dad passed on 26th December the funeral was on 26th January
He left my mum, myself, younger brother and sister and 7 grandchildren
It was sudden
I just can’t believe he has gone, I’m angry I try to cry but my mum is staying with me ( they live in France and came over for the holidays) I have to be strong for her
My whole body aches and the pain is unbearable my heart is broken
I just don’t know what to do :broken_heart:


Hi @Rona

So sorry about your dad. I lost mine 9 days ago suddenly. And mum 10 weeks ago. It hurts so badly and I cry all the time. Grief is exhausting.

I have no advice as such. I just wanted you to know you’re not alone. I was a daddy’s girl so my world has been ripped apart without him.

Take care. Focus on the basics and bild from there. Rob x

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Oh bless you x
Thank you for your response, I’ve never know sadness like this

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It’s horrendous. Someone said to me that grief is love with nowhere to go. It kind of makes sense as we miss all the great stuff about special people in our lives.

I hope you have good people to give some support. Take care. R x

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Hi lovely,

Nothing will ease the pain. I lost my dad suddenly to a blood clot in the lung on 2nd Dec. He died infront of me and I’ve never felt pain like it. In time you’ll find you begin a new routine. It’s important to let yourself cry. I cried all day, everyday, couldn’t sleep, eat. I did visit my gp who was brillaint and talked me through what my dad had so I could process it more. I hope you have a good support system of family and friends around you. Mine have brought me out of some very dark days
Here if you ever need a chat x

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OMG - my dad died of the same thing on 19 Jan 24. I can’t get over the ‘what ifs’ and how he could die when he was at the doctors less than 24 hours before. It’s unbelieveable.

I’m still in total shock and worry if he knew what was happening.

He was my world. I miss him so much. :pensive:


The sock is so hard! I lost my mum on new year’s day I’d only seen her 3 hours before then when I rang her and got no reply I popped in to find her in the couch. They told me to do CPR but I knew she’d gone. I’ve played over and over in my head the what if I hadn’t left when I did etc but I’m trying to take comfort in the fact she just fell asleep ready for bed watching TV. She was 83 and it was just the way she wanted to go. My dad had cancer and died 5 years ago and suffered greatly so mum didn’t want that. But sudden death although good for them it’s the loved ones left behind that find it so traumatic. Sending strength and love to you :heart:


My dad wouldn’t have wanted to suffer. It was a good death for him as we have just watched my mum struggle as she died in November 24. I lost both parents so quickly.

He was grieving hard fir her and I think he saw mum whist he was being worked on and sprinted towards her.

Goid for him. So sad for us. They were great prents.


The best parents :heart: holding on to the special relationship. Can’t have it both ways I suppose and if we have such a close bond it’s going to be tough when they leave us. I just know mum would want me to live life. She would hate the fact the way her death is affecting me both physically and psychologically but I’m hoping that with time I’ll be able to talk about her with joy rather than raw emotion and hurt. Her and dad are together again :heart:


Raw emotion and hurt is a good way to describe it. It hurts my heart to think of them gone, but I hope they are together and happy.

They would want us to live on and trive. I hope I can make them proud in the future.

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I’m sure we will just need to give ourselves time :heart:

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Hello @Rona ,

I am sorry for your loss. Grief is very difficult thing to cope , sometimes we feel like crying out loud, sometimes we feel complete empty , however we need to stay strong for the people who need us the most at this difficult time. May god give you strength to find peace.

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