My dad was my world

I lost my dad the end of march and I’m missing him so much. I’m really finding things hard. I’ve been of work since and feel like I cannot return. I’m stuck in this dark place and have lost interest in everything. Feel like I just want to hide away. Just don’t know how to adjust to life without my precious dad. All my family seem to be getting on with things but I just can’t push myself to do anything. Hoping to have councilling soon. Maybe that will help me deal with things differently. My dad was my world my hero and miss him so much.

Hi Joey

I’m so sorry to hear about your dad.

It might be worth a call every now and then to whoever is organising your counselling, to try and chivvy this along.

I lost my dad on new years day and I understand how difficult it is to find the motivation. I have two kids so I don’t have any other option but to get up and do stuff. I have found though that by getting out on my bike with my 10 year old, in the sunshine helps. Even though it takes every ounce of energy I have just to pull my bike out of the shed. You will, in time find little things that will help bring back some kind of normality.

Chances are your family are putting on a brave front and are hiding a lot of what they are feeling. Some just seem to do this better than others.

I hope you get your date through soon for your counselling x

Thanks for your reply. I’m having my first phone call on Monday it’s a assessment first and then they arrange an appointment. I’m also having some councilling through work which is in 2 weeks. So I’m hoping it will help me get through this. I hope things get easier. People say in time it will. I know work would be a distraction for me but just not ready to face people. I’m so sorry for your loss to. Take care x

Work can be a distraction but i think it depends on various things and the individual. It sounds like you work for a supportive employer too.

It does get easier, that much i do know, but we all need a little help, at least, to help us down this new path.

Let us know how your assessment goes x

Hi joey I know how u feel Hun lost my dad on the 11th of June after watching him lose his battle with cancer . I was with him till the end and it wasn’t plesent and I keep reliving it in my head . Like u I called my dad my hero and miss him so much already I’m
Trying to cope but I’m so up and down had horrible anxiety the last few days it’s shit . I have the funeral to go yet but that’s not till the 12th July . If u want to talk I’m here. X

Hi helly. Thank you for your reply. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s really tough. Dealing with all this grief is so hard. I find myself that I have just isolated myself from the world. Just can’t face people at the moment. I lost my dad the end of march and still struggling coming to terms with everything. My family seem to be just be getting on with there lives but I can’t. I also suffer from really bad anxiety and panic attacks since my dad passed. Life is just not the same without him. Will have to return to work soon as I have been off since and that’s another battle I have to get through. Feel like I have lost all my confidence but staying home I think is making me more depressed. How are you feeling. There are so many emotions to get through. But I was told to just take one day at a time and try and take care of yourself. Do you have good support around you. Take care helly xx