My Dad

I don’t know where to start?
Only found out recently my dad passed away.
When I was younger never got spend time with him
Mum and dad split up when I was really young.
But was wrong of mum not to allow me to have my dad in my life. Don’t get me wrong mum is great done br brilliant bring us up on her own no support hElphinstone.
But when I had my own children at a point in my life wanted to findo him
Mum made me choose.?
Thought about him all my life where is he? Did he like me? Why did he not comieven back for me?
Just recently started search for my dad as desperately want him in my life
difficult get info but before got chance post it
Got call to say my dad passed away
Well was in shock couldn’t believe it.
Make matters worse coronavirus outbreak came.
Couldn’t even say goodbye or go to funeral
Made some bad decisions have a lot of regrets.
Feel shut out a lot with family
Nobody seems to think to ask how you are?
Nobody understands what it feels like
The hurt the pain you cry feel sad frustrated just lot different emotions.
Few was before that my mother in law died of cancer

I’m so sorry to hear about your dad passing away before you could try to build a relationship with him, as well as your mother-in-law also dying. It is sad to hear that your mum prevented you from getting to know your dad, and it’s natural that you are grieving for him and for what might have been.

I’m glad that you’ve found this online community and I hope it helps to have this space to share your emotions honestly. Here are some other posts by people who lost their fathers that they didn’t know well - these are slightly older posts, but it might help you to read what other people’s experiences were:

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Hi Priscilla,
Hope I’ve spelled ur name right.
Sometimes easier to talk to other people than family.
They don’t understandem not only that
Think after foudinner out my dad died everyone expects you to carry on as normal as if nothing has happened.
1st lose mother in law that was awould then husband move back in with us
Then found out my dad died
Then coronavirus came changed evetything